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Commercial Weather Damage Cleanup Services in Minneapolis

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Natural weather disasters can completely devastate your property and leave you feeling hopeless. Not only do you have to deal with the repairs, but how you’re going to conduct business. At ServiceMaster Of Minneapolis , we have a tried and true restoration service process that helps you get back on your feet faster following a severe storm. Whether your Minneapolis business needs window restoration or water damage repair, we’re here to help.

Depend on our team in Minneapolis for the following weather-related disasters:

  • Flooding Or Water damage
  • Winter weather
  • Severe storms
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes
  • Storm damage

Has your property been damaged by a natural disaster? Turn to our restoration experts! You cancontact us online or call us at(612) 688-4497.

What Kind of Damage Should You Look For After a Storm or Weather Event?

Storms, hurricanes, blizzards, and other weather events can cause significant damage to your business’ roof and structural integrity, expose it to the elements, make it less functional, or even destroy it completely.

Storms and extreme weather can cause damage like:

  • Hail damage: Large hailstones can make dents and cracks in your roof and damage external pipes and outdoor furniture.
  • Wind damage: Strong gusts of wind blowing at high speed can tear apart your roof and housing, rip apart fixtures, and leave it open to sustaining additional water damage.
  • Debris impact: Extreme weather can knock over trees or telephone poles and fall on your office, facility, vehicles, or outdoor equipment, severely damaging them or even destroying them entirely.
  • Water damage: Heavy downpours from storms can flood your property from the outside, damage the foundation, tear apart walls and ceilings, and wear down your floors when it slips through the cracks in your roof.

How You Can Prevent Weather Damage

The best thing you can do to recover from weather damage is to take preventative measures before they happen. Taking just a few practical measures minimizes the harm storms and weather damage does to your business, like:

  • Trimming trees and dead wood around your property
  • Securing any outdoor assets or equipment like furniture, tables, and chairs
  • Having your gutters cleaned, or your property inspected for drainage problems where water can damage the foundation
  • Having your roof inspected periodically; Roofs that are over 15 years old can deteriorate or even collapse in a bad storm
  • Installing impact-resistant windows; having windows that are resistant to hurricanes or strong gusts of wind is particularly important if your business is located in a coastal area or tornado-prone region. Board up any windows if a storm is imminent

When it comes to storm restoration, the best action plan is thinking ahead. When push comes to shove, you can’t predict the future, and there’s only so much you can prepare for. If your business is damaged by storms or severe weather, contact us at ServiceMaster of Minneapolis.

Call(612) 688-4497 today orcontact us online for a professional and dedicated commercial storm cleanup provider.