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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Minneapolis

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services for Your Business Near St. Louis Park

Recovering your business after any fire or smoke damage can be challenging, especially when you still have a business to run! Luckily, the team at ServiceMaster of Minneapolis is here with the proper guidance, reassurance, and trusted fire and smoke damage restoration systems needed to quickly get your business to its pre-loss conditions!

What Are the Dangers of Fire & Smoke Damage?

The damage fires and smoke leave behind is severe, even if the fire is contained quickly. The damage your business takes is far beyond just what’s burnt!

Fire and smoke damage comes in many forms:

  • Ash and soot can end up in your HVAC system, creating unhealthy indoor air conditions
  • Having to close your business if large areas and contents are affected by the fire
  • Water damage from a sprinkler system or other firefighting efforts
  • Discoloration of walls, floors, ceilings, and upholstery throughout
  • Structural damage that can lead to rigidity and stability problems for your business

What Should I Do After Fire Damage?

Seeing your business become overwhelmed with fire can be devastating, but there are a number of steps any business owner can take to mitigate the loss taken and get things on the road to recovery quickly:

  • Call 911 immediately to have the fire put out
  • Ensure all staff and customers are evacuated from the property and shut off utilities
  • Reach out to ServiceMaster of Minneapolis to get started on your business’s restoration action plan

It’s important to seek out professional help for any amount of fire damage, even if it doesn’t seem like much at the time. Ensuring the proper restoration and avoiding any DIY fire damage repairs from the get-go will give your business the best chance of surviving even the most severe fire!

Discover Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

While we rely on our own years of local experience recovering businesses of all types and sizes in St. Louis Park, we’re also backed by a trusted industry leader in restoration services. ServiceMaster has been around for over 65 years and provides us with the ongoing training, support, and systems needed to ensure your business can be properly restored as quickly as possible!

Our team handles every aspect of the fire damage restoration process with care and commitment:

  1. Damage Assessment – We’ll arrive quickly to inspect the damage the fire, smoke, and firefighting left behind and give you a better idea of the timeline you could expect from our time.
  2. Damage Mitigation – To reduce the chance of damage spreading to other areas of your business, we’ll complete the proper mitigation and isolation needed before any repairs are started.
  3. Damage Removal – Any items or materials affected by the fire will be removed from the property. Salvageable items are sent for off-site restoration and storage until your business is ready to open. Items beyond repair are disposed of.
  4. Clean Up and Repair – Lastly, our team will restore your business to normal with comprehensive restoration services. We’ll clean up the mess and ensure no lingering odors from your fire or smoke damage.

Once our team is finished, we’ll join you for a final walk-through of your business to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results. Your happiness, health, and business are important to us – and you’ll see that in everything we do!

Restore your business with St. Louis Park’s trusted fire damage restoration company: ServiceMaster of Minneapolis. Call us at(612) 688-4497 24/7/365 for help!