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Commercial Electronics Restoration Services

Cleaning & Deodorizing Your Valuable & Sensitive Assets

The aftermath of a fire can be as damaging to electronics as the fire itself. That’s because acids from fire and soot can be corrosive to metal and plastic surfaces, even conductive. With an immediate and thorough cleaning of damaged electronics by the experts at ServiceMaster Restore®, we can help prevent further damage and return items to pre-loss condition. We begin with an examination of the equipment.

Our trained electronic restoration technicians will clean and restore your equipment so you can focus on running your business. Whether cleaned onsite or at our facility, let the specialized experts at ServiceMaster Restore handle your business items.

Our technicians clean, deodorize, and restore items like:

  • Phones, computers, medical equipment, machinery
  • Lathes, printers, televisions, projectors
  • Monitors, display devices, and more

Time Is of the Essence to Restore Your Business’s Electronics

At ServiceMaster Restore, we understand the urgency and sensitivity in restoring your electronics and listen to your needs to create the right solution. When a fire puts your business out of commission, it isn't just because of scorched walls, ceilings, and furniture. In today's technology-driven age, damage to electronic equipment is a major blow to most organizations, which means that getting your devices back in service is an essential part of any fire-recovery effort. When disaster strikes, turn to ServiceMaster Restore for expert, comprehensive electronics restoration services to get your business reconnected and running again.

You might think that any electronics not directly destroyed by fire are safe to use, but this is incorrect. Smoke and ash easily move through your premises during a blaze, and as they settle they bring the potential for substantial harm. This is especially true in the case of delicate electronics such as computers, communications equipment, monitors, and other essential business electronics

To begin with, don't turn on any equipment that could have been exposed to smoke. You'll risk causing more damage and perhaps even injury. Instead, call in the certified professionals at ServiceMaster Restore right away. Because soot and ash are highly acidic and corrosive, they can begin damaging the metals inside your electronics within minutes or hours of a fire. Taking swift action is necessary to preserve as many of your items as possible.

Our Commercial Electronics Restoration Process

In some cases, your electronics can be cleaned on-site at your business, resulting in a faster recovery process and further minimizing interruption to your business. In other events, our certified technicians will restore your equipment at our facility. Here’s what our comprehensive electronics restoration services consist of:

  • Packing & Removal: We identify which items can be cleaned at your premises and which need to be removed. As needed, we carefully inventory and pack up items to be taken off site, where we have specialized equipment and experts waiting.
  • Cleaning: Electronics damaged by smoke and ash need to be thoroughly cleaned of foreign particles in order to halt the damaging effect they have. Since smoke is highly permeable, we get into even the smallest crevices to ensure a complete cleanup job. Often, we can clean computers and digital equipment without affecting the data or software stored on them.
  • Deodorizing: Smoke odor can be unpleasant and distracting, while also serving as a constant reminder of an experience you and your employees would sooner forget. We take steps to deodorize your equipment so that it does its job and nothing else.
  • Restoration: Damage caused by exposure to corrosive soot can vary in severity, which will impact the repairs needed to get your electronics working again. We’ll examine housings, delicate circuitry, and other key components to determine what might need replacing.
  • Delivery: After we’ve thoroughly refurbished and deodorized your devices, we’ll bring them back to your facility and help you get everything back up and running again, just like before.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your valuable electronics and the sensitive information that may be on them. Our team is available 24/7 to take your calls, as we know how crucial time can be in circumstances like this.

Trusted Electronic Restoration Services

When it comes to electronic restoration near you, ServiceMaster Restore is your trusted partner. We specialize in comprehensive electronics restoration services, helping you recover your valuable devices after a disaster.

Our skilled technicians understand the delicate nature of electronics and employ advanced techniques to assess, clean, and restore your damaged devices. From water damage to fire damage, we have the expertise to restore electronics of various types.

ServiceMaster Restore utilizes industry-leading technology and equipment to ensure the best results. When you need to restore electronics, count on us for professional and reliable services that get your devices back up and running.