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Commercial Document & Data Recovery Services

Protect Your Information from the Effects of Fires & Smoke

Electronic equipment is the lifeblood of many businesses today. When disaster strikes in the form of water or fire, these vital assets must be treated and restored immediately. Electronics subjected to water damage must be dried using special techniques. Residue from fire and soot contains acids that can corrode metal surfaces and should be professionally removed. With timely data recovery and restoration of your electronic equipment by the trained technicians at ServiceMaster Restore®, we can prevent further damage.

Our commercial restoration company has over 65 years of experience assisting various businesses with recovery from a wide variety of disasters. We understand the detailed attention things like documents and data require and we have the tools and advanced techniques to restore them to their pre-damaged state.

What Do We Recover?

We specialize in recovering a wide range of items. Each deserves its own individualized attention and often its own recovery process. Our expert team knows how to handle every item on your property. Common items we help recover include:

  • A wide range of media, including archives, books, hard drives, journals, and papers
  • Pictures and artwork
  • Critical devices such as security cameras, digital video recorders, televisions, and other appliances
  • Computers and other electronics

Our document and data restoration process may include drying, cleaning, microbial removal, and duplication. At ServiceMaster Restore, we uphold strict protocols concerning sensitive, confidential, or classified data adhering to medical/HIPAA, government, and client-specific regulations. We work hard to save irreplaceable items.

Restore Documents to Original Condition After Fire or Smoke Damage

ServiceMaster Restore’s paper document recovery and restoration process can help you recover from fire or smoke damage. Our specialized methods include the use of particulate removal sponges, ionized air washing, and deodorization techniques to quickly remove soot, ash, dirt, and other debris from documents. We also eliminate odors that are left behind after a fire or smoke event to ensure your papers are returned in pristine condition. With our expert care, we can bring your valuable documents back to their original state.

Restore Your Precious Memories After Flood Damage

If important paper documents or photographs have been exposed to water, ServiceMaster Restore can help. Our experienced document restoration specialists use advanced techniques such as desiccant drying, vacuum freeze dryers, thermal vacuum freeze dryers and molecular sieves that are specifically designed for restoring books, papers and photographic materials. In many cases we can restore these items without any further action needed after the drying process is complete. Don’t despair if your cherished memories have been damaged by flood waters–contact us today and our professionals will do their best to bring them back to life!

Salvaging Contaminated Documents From Mold Damage

If vital documents have been contaminated with mold, mildew, or bacteria, they can be salvaged through a document restoration process. This typically involves sterilizing the items using gamma radiation or electron beam radiation to prevent further contamination and decay. Depending on the extent of damage, individual pages or an entire library may be able to be saved from destruction.

Preservation Is Our Top Priority

Preserving your sensitive data is a high priority for us in order to minimize business interruption following a disaster. There may be digital copies of customer records, important personnel information, financial data, and more sitting on a hard drive somewhere in your place of business—and those records are all highly vulnerable to being wiped out by fire or water damage. Count on our expert data recovery services to preserve and extract your critical data, saving you untold time, effort, and headaches that no business owner should have to deal with after an emergency.

Our Electronics Restoration & Data Recovery Process

We use the latest tools and advanced techniques to restore your sensitive equipment and data following a disaster. Water is a major enemy of your sensitive appliances and electronic equipment. These items can become damaged during a flood and can also suffer water damage from fire suppression efforts, including your own sprinklers or help from your local fire department. It's vital to have these items professionally dried after they are exposed to water to mitigate oxidation and other permanent damage to sensitive electrical components.

Whether you're dealing with contaminants and debris swept in by floodwaters or corrosive soot from a fire, your electronics and appliances must be fully cleaned to restore them to working order. The high acidity of ash and soot is especially harmful to metals, so our electronics restoration service professionals take care to meticulously clean your equipment to spare it from corrosion and other harms.

The Dangers of Water Damage to Electronics

Water can cause major damage to electronics. Often, it's not enough to refurbish a computer or hard drive and put it back into use. You want to be sure that your data is completely secure and accessible, so our data restoration services include careful duplication of your data onto new hardware that you can use with confidence.

Some of our additional water restoration services include:

Restore and Protect Your Vital Information

ServiceMaster Restore understands the critical importance of fire damage data recovery. Our expert team specializes in data restoration, offering comprehensive solutions to retrieve and safeguard your valuable information.

When fire strikes and damages your electronic devices and storage systems, our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques to recover your data. We handle a wide range of media, including hard drives, servers, and digital devices.

In addition to data recovery, our document recovery services ensure the preservation of important documents and files. We employ specialized processes to salvage, clean, and restore damaged documents, helping you regain access to vital information.

ServiceMaster Restore is your trusted partner for fire damage data recovery. Count on us to restore and protect your valuable data with precision and confidentiality.