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Commercial Content Cleaning & Restoration Services

Cleaning & Deodorizing Solutions for Your Business Possessions

When your business experiences a disaster such as a fire or a flood, the structure itself is not the only thing that sustains damage. Everything inside – and even some items outside – are at risk and will require specialty restoration services. ServiceMaster Restore® can assist you with content cleaning for nearly everything on your property.

Your valuable business possessions will be carefully restored by our expert team that provides the care, understanding, and integrity you deserve during this stressful and traumatic time. Our commercial restoration team will evaluate each of your possessions to determine which cleaning method is the best, while also indicating which items are not restorable.

Pack-Out Services

Some items on your property can be cleaned there on the spot, while others will require more attention and will need to be taken to our secured, climate-controlled location. Our pack-out and content restoration process includes:

  • Taking inventory of your possessions and then packing and transporting them to a secure and climate-controlled warehouse
  • Providing you with a copy of our inventory list
  • Carefully cleaning, restoring, and deodorizing your possessions
  • Tracking and documenting your content throughout the restoration process
  • Providing you with easy access to your property when needed
  • Promptly returning your possessions to your property

With over 65 years of experience, we have helped business owners of all kinds restore a wide variety of items. We can quickly identify your needs and propose the best solution.

We have extensive experience cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring items like:

  • Photos, furniture, fabric, and artwork
  • Electronics, specialized machinery, data systems, and equipment

Restoring Belongings with Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Our team takes an inventory of your items. Then they decide what is best to clean them with while protecting their quality and structure. We use eco-friendly detergents which remove almost all bacteria, fungi, and mold; close to a 100%.

Next, each item will be cleaned according to how safely it can handle certain chemicals. If coloring might get impacted in any way due to these cleaners, we take extra cautionary steps accordingly. Lastly, our teams transfer safely cleaned belongings into secure storage units at our facility until further pickup instructions have been done via customer request only afterwards!

Reviving and Restoring Damaged Items

Many hard items, like dishes and pans, go in automatic machines that use ultrasonics to get rid of smoke smells. Other hard things need cleaning by hand with a special cleaner which is safe for the environment. Soft materials are placed into our modern machines where we can restore 85% of them - even those severely damaged! This means previously unrecoverable objects may be saved so life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Smells might still linger though, so some contents go into an ozone space or get fogging with particles like smoke ones which take out any left-over odors. Items too large for machine drying will air dry inside chambers made just for this purpose until you’re ready to move them again during your relocation work. Experienced personnel keep track of all along from start till finish when everything gets packed up nicely and cooled meantime within protective boxes until needed once more.

Your Property Is In the Best Hands

At ServiceMaster Restore, we understand that experiencing damage to your business can be quite stressful. Our expert restoration team provides the peace of mind you need during this time. Each of our team members is comprehensively trained, fully certified, and committed to getting your business and everything in it back to normal as quickly as possible.