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Pre-Loss Planning Services

Preparing Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

Disasters may strike when you’re least expecting them. That doesn’t mean you always have to be unprepared. As a business owner, it’s very important that you anticipate the worst so you are prepared when it's time. ServiceMaster Restore® is here to help you minimize any disruptions to your business in the event of a disaster. We are a commercial restoration company that specializes in pre-loss planning and business continuity plans. Our experts will help you prepare a plan that will help you mitigate losses.

Being prepared for a disaster can greatly mitigate damage.Contact an expert to make sure your business is prepared.

With our pre-loss planning services, you’ll be better prepared for the unexpected. You’ll be able to get back to business faster following a disaster. As a business owner, you already know that losing just one day can severely impact your company as well as your employees. With ServiceMaster Restore on your side, you can be ready for the worst.

What Is A Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan will help prepare you and your employees for a large number of disasters. This plan includes creating preventative and recovery strategies. You will know exactly what to do to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Don't be caught off guard and continue running your business after a disaster.

Why Plan Ahead with Pre-Loss Disaster Planning?

Disaster can strike at any moment. Being unprepared will only make the recovery and restoration process more extensive. With a business continuity plan, you’ll know how to operate until your building, the technology, and everything else is fully restored.

Even if work is unable to be done on-site, having a contingency plan will help you manage this temporary situation. It will also help to keep your essential equipment safe.

Planning ahead for large loss restoration will help you:

  • Limit the severity of disruption to your business
  • Prepare for working remotely if your office is severely damaged
  • Expedite the restoration process
  • Minimize any financial losses
  • Equip employees and managers with the information and training they need to get their jobs done until everything is restored
  • Avoid closing your doors permanently

Don’t Be Left Unprepared for Property Damage Restoration!

Many business owners are so focused on the countless daily tasks that come with running a business. They don’t think about what they would do if a disaster – be it a flood, fire, or severe weather – were to severely impact their property and their business. At ServiceMaster Restore, we know all too well about what can happen when disaster strikes. Business owners are left unsure about how to rebuild and continue.

How Can Your Business Prepare for Natural Disasters?

The best way to recover from a natural disaster is to prepare for it before it happens. You can’t control when or if natural disasters strike, but small business disaster planning will minimize the harm it causes to your business when it does.

Here are some of the key items to include in your business disaster planning checklist:

Know what disasters can affect your area: Is your region prone to earthquakes? Tornados? Do they have a fire season? Is your business located in a coastal city where it could be hit by a hurricane? Knowing what potential disasters you’re most likely to face is the first step in putting a disaster response plan together

Create a disaster response plan: Do routine audits of your security systems, identify any potential vulnerabilities, and plan disaster drills so all your personnel know what to do

Establish a communication plan: Have an updated list of emergency personal numbers, your insurance information, processes to follow, how employees will be updated during the disaster (phone, email, social), store them somewhere you can access them quickly

Backup important documents and data: scan your most important business documents and records, and keep them on an external hard drive offsite at a different location, or a cloud-based storage system

Have an evacuation plan: Plot out your evacuation routes, keep emergency exit signs well-lit and clearly marked, and designate safe outdoor meeting areas in case of a disaster where you and your personnel can be accounted for until first responders arrive

Create an emergency kit: Assuming you could be without power or running water for a few days at least, have a kit on standby with a first aid kit, extra batteries, non-perishable food, and bottled water

Review your insurance coverage: Review your insurance policy and make sure you know what your deductibles are, and what you're covered for if your business is damaged by a natural disaster. Each policy covers something different, so make sure that your policy covers things like water damage, fire, earthquake damage, and other business disruptions

Start the planning process before it is too late

We are here to provide the peace of mind you need to make sure your business is protected. We’ll help you determine the best plan of action you and your employees should take using the proper tools, resources, and planning. A rapid response is critical after a disaster. No matter how challenging the situation, we can assess your situation and immediately help you recover. We’ll be by your side every step of the way. With us, your business is in the best hands.


ServiceMaster Restore provides a variety of Pre-Loss Planning including Educational Seminars on Disaster Preparedness and our Priority Customer Program.

What keeps you up at night? Ask any Facility or Property Manager and they will tell you it’s the unknown factor. Is there something we are missing or could be doing to protect our customers safety and property? Pre-loss planning with ServiceMaster Restore addresses subjects like:

  • Can disasters be prevented?
  • What about disaster plans, pre-loss agreements and business continuity planning? Do they matter?
  • Have you established your SOP for your property management and maintenance professionals in the event of a localized or area-wide event?
  • What about your residents and tenants? Would they know what to do in the event of an emergency?
  • How do you meet customer expectations regarding response, safety and protecting personal and community property?
  • What are the best practices for what to do until help arrives?
  • What is it like to work with emergency responders?
  • Can you learn from others who communicate their best and worst case scenarios?
  • What are some of the national and local regulations that may affect the way emergencies are handled?

ServiceMaster Restore offers a Priority Customer Agreement. Enrolled customers will be provided expedited emergency response in the event of an after-hours or area wide emergency. This includes immediate service to stabilize your property and mitigate further damages from occurring. Our dedicated team will ensure your property is returned back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption. We value you as a Priority Customer and strive to exceed your expectations.


We are here for you 24/7. Reach out to us today at (866) 867-3123 to learn more about our commercial restoration services.


Find your local ServiceMaster Restore today for pre-loss planing services and get back to business fast.