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  • When is Tornado Season?
    When is Tornado Season? We’re all familiar with tornadoes and the damage they cause. But there are some facts that may surprise you. For example, did you know that tornadoes are more common in the United States than any other country ? Or that the U.S. gets more than 1,200 tornadoes a year ? Or how ... Continue Reading
  • What Are Straight-line Winds?
    What Are Straight-line Winds? When you hear the term ‘severe weather,’ what comes to mind? Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Flash floods? All of these weather events are dangerous, but there’s one type of storm that’s more likely to cause damage to your home – straight-line winds. Straight-line winds hold a ... Continue Reading
  • What is Tornado Alley?
    What is Tornado Alley? Certain regions of the U.S. are known for particular kinds of weather. The Pacific Northwest is known for its rain, the South for its humidity and the Northeast for its cold winters. However, other regions are known for their more extreme weather, such as tornadoes which can ... Continue Reading
  • Tornado Watch vs. Warning: What is the Difference?
    Tornado Watch vs. Warning: What is the Difference? It’s no secret that tornadoes are dangerous. We’ve all seen news stories featuring the wake of destruction they leave in their path – leveled homes, uprooted trees, tossed automobiles. Maybe you’ve even experienced their devastation first-hand. While these natural disasters ... Continue Reading
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