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Top 3 Hidden Culprits causing Bathroom Water Damage and Mold

Keeping your bathroom in tip-top shape requires ongoing monitoring of potential landmines that can explode into costly repairs and the need for water damage restoration. Just 5 minutes of an overflowing sink can cause significant water damage. But it’s the undetected hidden culprits that cause a minor leak to transform into a Godzilla of water damage causing rotted subfloors, as well as mold and mildew growth. Here’s the top 3 (usually undetected) causes of water damage that can be lurking in your bathroom:

  1. Toilet line leaks – By far, this is the number #1 reason that people end up with water damage that seeps under floors and behind walls fueling mold and mildew. Sometimes, the fix can be as simple as a rubber washer which connects the supply line to the fill valve.

  2. Supply lines to the sink – Did you ever peek under your bathroom sink and smell something musty? Often that’s a sign that there is leakage somewhere in the supply lines causing mold growth. Even a few drops a day can rot the inside of your vanity and seep down under the floor or behind the walls, requiring you to have professional mold remediation to make your bathroom air quality healthy again.

  3. Tub and Shower caulking – Whether your bathtub has a full surround or is tiled, the areas where the tub and ceiling connect to the bath unit must be 100% waterproof. Even an inch or two of missing caulk can invite water and humidity to seep in and cause unseen water damage quickly leading to mold growth and require mold removal.

The beautiful thing is that in this age of “How To” videos, you can fix most of these hidden culprits and avoid the nightmares requiring water damage repair and mold remediation. This is especially important to avoid toxic molds such as Aspergillus that can make the bathroom its home. If the damage is already done, a quality disaster restoration company like ServiceMaster Apple Valley can restore your home to pre-disaster condition and give you more time to do the things you want … like watching reruns of the best Godzilla movie.