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Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Traverse City

Restore Your Home with Professional Structural Repair & Cleaning Services

Has a fire damaged your home? Whether you've experienced large amounts of loss around your home or you're actively dealing with minor smoke residue, it's important to get the right help fast. ServiceMaster by Fuson - Traverse City has 24/7 residential fire and smoke damage restoration services in Traverse City that can quickly get your home back to normal!

Our team of certified technicians has years of experience restoring homes after a fire, from performing structural repairs to cleaning up affected areas so everything can get back to the way it was. We respond fast and get to work right away on the restoration process, working quickly to minimize loss and protect the health and safety of your family and personal items.

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What's Involved in the Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process?

Whether caused by an accident or a natural disaster, fire and smoke damage can create devastating changes to your home – that go beyond soot and ash damage – putting your floors, walls, ceilings, and more at risk. Water damage can also take effect due to firefighting efforts, leading to further destruction and even mold and mildew growth!

Here at ServiceMaster by Fuson - Traverse City, our technicians are highly experienced with restoration so we can provide comprehensive fire and smoke damage repair services. Our full range of solutions includes:

  • Assessment – We'll begin by looking at your home, assessing the damage caused by the fire, and creating an action plan to get your restoration started.
  • Mitigation – We'll then begin with any necessary tasks such as water removal, structural drying, deodorization, and more to limit the amount of physical and financial loss your home takes.
  • Packout – We'll sort through all of the items in your home that are affected by smoke and fire damage, document them, and move them to our secure off-site facility for recovery.
  • Restoration – Once we've completed the mitigation process, we'll begin with any necessary construction services such as drywall repair or replacement, painting, electrical work, HVAC repair/replacement, and more to get things back to normal.

Throughout the entire fire damage restoration process, you can expect our team to keep you informed, answer any questions, and provide the best customer service possible.

Request Your 24/7 Fire Damage Restoration Services in Traverse City

Don't hesitate when faced with fire damage restoration – contact ServiceMaster by Fuson - Traverse City for 24/7 fire and smoke damage restoration services in Traverse City. Our professional team is ready to restore your home promptly or schedule a damage assessment appointment at your convenience.

While we're a locally owned and operated business, we're supported by a reliable network boasting over 65 years of national experience, so rest assured that you're in good hands!

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What can be salvaged after a fire?

When a fire devastates your home or business, it can be difficult to know what is salvageable and what needs to be replaced. However, with proper planning and the help of professionals, there are many items that may still be saved after a fire.

Valuable items such as jewelry or documents stored in safes made from metal alloys like steel or titanium may survive the blaze intact due to their durability. Electronics like computers, TVs and gaming systems should also remain unscathed if they were not directly exposed to flames for an extended period of time; however these devices will need professional cleaning before being used again due to smoke residue which is highly corrosive when left unchecked over time.

In addition furniture made out of hardwood such as tables chairs and dressers may retain their structural integrity even though their surfaces might require refinishing due to possible charring from exposure during the inferno; this process can generally take place at a local woodworking shop depending on severity of damage sustained by each piece.

Water Damage After a Fire

When a fire occurs, the aftermath encompasses the damage inflicted by flames and smoke and the often-overlooked adversary: water damage. Firefighters employ water to quell the flames, inadvertently saturating carpets, walls, and furnishings. If left unattended, this water infiltration can spawn mold and mildew growth, compounding your woes.

At ServiceMaster by Fuson - Traverse City, our expertise doesn't stop at fire and smoke damage restoration; we also provide water damage restoration services in Traverse City, MI. Our adept team can evaluate the extent of water damage and devise a comprehensive strategy for water extraction, efficient drying procedures, and the prevention of further damage.

Common signs of post-fire water damage include:

  • Water Stains on Walls or Ceilings: Discolored patches on vertical and overhead surfaces can indicate water seepage.
  • Soft or Sagging Drywall: Damp drywall tends to lose its rigidity and may exhibit sponginess or sagging.
  • Musty or Moldy Odors: Mold or mildew often creates distinctive, unpleasant odors.
  • Warped or Buckled Flooring: Excessive moisture can cause wooden flooring to warp or buckle, warranting immediate attention.

Do not allow water damage to compound the stress associated with fire incidents. Reach out to ServiceMaster by Fuson - Traverse City for comprehensive fire and water damage restoration services designed to safeguard your home.

For more information about our fire damage restoration services in Traverse City, MI, (231) 202-3873 or contact us online today!