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Wall, Ceiling & Cabinet Washing Services

Top to Bottom Residential Restoration Services

No matter the size or type of house fire, extensive damage that requires the assistance of a professional can occur. At ServiceMaster Restore®, we are equipped with industry-leading experience, deep understanding, and advanced tools and processes to restore your home and your peace of mind . We are a residential restoration company that offers wall, ceiling, and cabinet cleaning services that go beyond the standard services – we’ll also clean, polish, and deodorize crown molding, baseboards, and other woodwork.

After a house fire, smoke can get trapped in closets, drawers, attics, walls, and cabinets, and it can be challenging to fully clear off the residual smell. Our professional restoration team can tackle every area of your home to ensure thorough cleaning and deodorizing.

How Smoke Can Damage Your Home

In some cases, the smoke from a fire can cause more damage than the fire itself. It only takes a few minutes for smoke and soot to discolor your walls, floors, and ceilings, and a few hours for the finishes on your kitchen appliances to discolor. Time is of the essence when it comes to smoke damage recovery - that’s why it’s so crucial that you give our home restoration experts a call as quickly as possible.

Smoke and ash can also:

  • Cause etching in glass
  • Tarnish metal quickly
  • Continue to damage and corrode any materials left behind

Many homeowners believe that cleaning smoke and soot can be done by simply using soap and water. Not only is this method ineffective, it can even worsen the damage in some cases. Cleaning fire-damaged surfaces require the expertise of professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of advanced cleaning techniques for the various surfaces in your home.

Here for You Every Step of the Way with Wall & Ceiling Cleaning

From start to finish, our home restoration technicians are always available to assist you with cleaning services, from answering your questions to easing any confusion you may have about the process. We will communicate with you as we go along and provide a step-by-step understanding throughout the entire process of restoring walls and other surfaces.

Count on ServiceMaster Restore for all your home restoration services. We can assist you with everything, including carpet cleaning, content cleaning, tarping and board-up, and more.