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Residential Soot REmoval & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services

Leave the Post-Fire Clean-Up to the Professionals

When you experience a house fire, putting out the flames is only the first step in an extensive recovery process. The lingering smoke and soot can continue to damage your home and belongings, sometimes causing just as much damage as the fire itself. ServiceMaster Restore® specializes in soot and smoke damage clean-up and restoration. We know the best, most effective ways to deal with soot, smoke, and odor damage.

The residue that a fire leaves behind can be hazardous and result in health problems for anyone in your home if it is not immediately addressed by professionals. Our experienced team will quickly and thoroughly assess the smoke and soot damage and determine the cost of the restoration. We’ll also examine other areas in your home to uncover any damage caused by the firefighting process. Once we accurately assess the damage, we’ll provide you with an estimate for our soot removal, cleaning, and restoration services.

Time is of the Essence When You’re Dealing With Smoke Damage & Soot Removal

Smoke can quickly damage your home. It only takes a few minutes for it to discolor walls, and in a matter of hours, it can discolor finishes on kitchen appliances. Other smoke damage includes etching in glass, tarnished metal, and damage and corrosion to other materials throughout your property. This is exactly why it’s so important to immediately reach out to a professional restoration company after experiencing a fire. ServiceMaster Restore is available 24/7 to help minimize the damage to your home and get started on the restoration right away.

Our smoke and soot damage restoration process includes:

  • Cleaning any built-up ash residue before it has the chance to spread
  • Neutralizing any odors
  • Removing any soot, odors, or stains from any at-risk items, including tile, porcelain, chrome, brass, aluminum, and marble.
  • Cleaning carpets, fabrics, and upholstery
  • Deodorizing curtains and carpeting before their cleaning
  • Using advanced chemicals that break up the molecules in smoke to rid your home of odors before dry cleaning your clothes

Some Tips on What You Should & Shouldn’t Do to Minimize Soot and Smoke Damage

Thanks to over 65 years of experience, ServiceMaster Restore has the experience and training to help you recover from soot and smoke damage. In addition to calling us to assist you with your home’s restoration, there are a few measures you can take to help minimize the damage to your property:

  • Air out your house to reduce smoke odor if the temperature permits
  • Change the air filter on your furnace if you use forced hot air
  • Avoid touching any damaged areas with your hands, as the oils from your skin can permeate walls, woodwork, and upholstery, resulting in further damage
  • Do not try to wash the walls-- this can only compound the soot residue.

Simply put, don’t try to clean your home after it has experienced fire dama. This kind of clean up requires the expertise of a professional team that specializes in fire and smoke restoration. We are available 24/7/365 to restore your home and your peace of mind.


Not sure what to do next? We’ll take care of it. Call us today at (866) 867-3123 to learn about all of our residential restoration services.


Not sure what to do next? We’ll take care of it. Call us today at 1-800-RESPOND to learn about all of our residential restoration services.