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Odor Removal Services in Garland, TX

Serving the Garland & Dallas, TX area since 1978.

If at any time you notice a strong, potent odor in your home or building, it’s important to locate the source right away. Most often, the smell will be derived from untreated damage such as from a fire, flood, mold, or even nuisance animal. There are also cases in which odors may linger after the area has been restored. In either case, it’s best to reach out to the property restoration professionals.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides professional odor removal services in the Garland, TX area to remove foul smells from sources of all types. Using powerful deodorizers to eliminate the odor particles from within, we can take care of the odor as well as its source so you don’t have to worry about it returning in the future.

Our smoke restoration teams are also equipped to handle extensive cases of smoke odor removal.

Odor-Removing Technology

At ServiceMaster of North Texas, we have handled odors from all types of disasters and nuisances.

Standing water or leaks left alone without applying water damage restoration can create a mildew odor.

If a building does not receive fire restoration, the smell of smoke can permeate for a very long time.

Using advanced technology, including hydroxyl and ozone equipment, these odors will be cleared from your property in just a few days.

Our deodorizers can effectively remove the odor from all of the following:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Nuisance animals
  • Dead animals
  • Pets
  • Mold
  • Water damage
  • Biohazards
  • Sewage
  • And more!

Our Process

Although deodorization is not an emergency service, it certainly is a nuisance. ServiceMaster of North Texas follows a detailed process in order to fully remove the odor from all building materials and furnishings in the home or building.

Our odor removal process consists of the following steps:

  • Removal of the odor source
  • Cleaning of all affected areas
  • Elimination of the odor using hydroxyl and ozone treatments
  • Sealing of porous materials
  • Final inspection and documentation of process

While the technology used by our professionals is effective, we do ask that your home or building be vacated for your safety during the service. This includes removing pets and plants as the equipment is dangerous for all living beings.

Free Estimate

If you are dealing with a lingering odor leftover from any of the sources listed above, don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster of North Texas. Our professionals understand the nuisance these foul smells can create for you and your family or staff. It can certainly be distracting when trying to focus on anything else but the smell.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (972) 284-0757 for complete odor removal and the source in the Garland, TX area.