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Smoke Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, TX

Serving the Dallas, TX area since 1978.

Fires can cause extensive damage in any home or building, but they only cause 1 layer of damage. The others are all derived from the soot and smoke because they are left to sit on the affected materials after the fire is extinguished.

If these byproducts are left to sit on these surfaces without applying proper disaster restoration methods, they can not only cause etching and tarnishing but also leave behind a thick odor.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides professional smoke damage restoration services in the Dallas, TX area, restoring building materials while eliminating lingering odor particles. Our professional cleaning agents allow our fire restoration technicians to fully clean and restore building materials and furnishings to their original conditions.

Risk of Permanent Damage from Soot and Smoke

Getting rid of the fire is the first step to limiting the damage, but only professional cleaning can fully prevent it from spreading.

This is because the heat from the flames creates chemical reactions that cause synthetic materials to produce an oily residue, while the smoke produces soot particles to settle into the remaining materials.

Over time, the corrosive smoke residue will cause permanent damage to the material, thus, it will need to be thrown away.

But when called right away, our smoke restoration technicians will use powerful cleaners to remove all soot and oily residue left behind.

Common materials cleaned by these agents include carpet, furniture upholstery, carpeting, tile, marble, and various metals.


Addressing smoke and soot removal in every home requires a customized approach. At ServiceMaster of North Texas, our seasoned professionals conduct a thorough assessment of your Dallas, TX property and belongings, developing a tailored restoration plan to meet your unique needs.

Our method for achieving exceptional smoke, odor, and soot removal includes:

  • Prompt Ash Residue Cleaning: Swiftly cleaning ash residue to prevent further spread and damage.
  • Odor Neutralization: Thoroughly neutralizing odors to ensure they don't linger and affect your living space.
  • Specialized Treatment for Sensitive Items: Addressing soot, odor, and stains on delicate items such as metals, marble, tile, and soft furnishings with specialized care.
  • Deodorizing Carpets and Textiles: Applying deodorizing treatments to carpets and textiles before the cleaning process to ensure a fresh result.

Tips to Mitigate Smoke and Soot Damage:

  • Ventilation: Open windows when temperatures exceed 60 degrees to reduce smoke odor.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Regularly replace the air filter on your furnace, especially if you have forced hot air heating.
  • Preventive Measures: Avoid direct contact with surfaces to prevent oil transfer from hands, minimizing further damage.
  • Professional Guidance: Refrain from attempting to clean walls or surfaces without professional guidance to prevent exacerbating soot buildup.

In the aftermath of a home fire, the visible damage is just the surface. The corrosive qualities of smoke and soot pose a threat to diverse materials,emphasizing the crucial need for professional soot cleaning and smoke odor removal services. Our dedicated team is prepared to provide assistance, guaranteeing the restoration of your home to a secure and inviting condition.


Unmasking Lingering Odors After Fire and Smoke Damage

Wherever there was fire and smoke, there will be an odor. Unfortunately, these can be potent, strong, and difficult to remove because it is quick to embed itself in porous materials like walls, flooring, and carpeting. It cannot be covered up or removed with home remedies.

But they can be removed, along with the source, with hydroxyl and ozone equipment. As a part of the smoke damage cleanup service, ServiceMaster of North Texas will proudly provide smoke odor cleanup.

All of the following is included with smoke damage cleanup services:

  • Pre-inspection
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Contents restoration
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Reconstruction, if needed
  • Final inspection
  • Documentation of services performed

If your home contains smoke or soot damage of any kind, it’s important to act quickly and call for professional restoration services. This is because byproducts like smoke and soot will be quick to settle in porous materials like drywall, carpeting, furnishings, and more.

ServiceMaster of North Texas is available 24/7 at (972) 284-0757 in the Dallas, TX area to provide professional smoke damage restoration services.