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For homeowners the measure of an insurance provider is how well they handle a claim once they experience a loss. When a policyholder makes that first call to their insurance carrier, the evaluation begins. The homeowner’s satisfaction – as well as their future loyalty to their insurance carrier depends on how efficiently and successfully the claim is resolved. That’s why the restoration company you recommend, is so important.

Impact of Recommending a Restoration Company:

  • Customers are more satisfied with their insurance carrier when they recommend a restoration company, instead of having to find one on their own.
  • According to a recent J.D. Power Study, this results in a 29-pt. increase in carrier satisfaction.
  • Carriers can likely gain customer satisfaction by simply recommending a restoration company.

Impact of Recommending ServiceMaster Restore:

  • Top three competitors score 18 points below ServiceMaster Restore.
  • TPA’s are 14 points below ServiceMaster Restore.
  • Policyholders are 22 points more satisfied than the average, when ServiceMaster Restore is recommended.

ServiceMaster Restore is the bridge between policyholders and insurance providers. We share the same customer during the restoration process, so we also have a significant stake in their satisfaction. Their satisfaction helps ensure customer retention, and that often leads to customer referrals. ServiceMaster Restore should be your preferred provider for several important reasons.

  • High customer satisfaction is proven to result in greater customer retention.
  • Policyholders report higher satisfaction when the insurer recommends a restoration company to them.
  • The level of satisfaction increases even more when ServiceMaster Restore is the company that is recommended, as ServiceMaster Restore has the highest customer satisfaction rating among all major restoration companies.