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Garland Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Choose the Brand Name Backed by 65+ Years of Industry-Leading Experience

Has your business been struck with extensive water damage from a flood, plumbing leak, broken pipe, or any other unexpected mishap? You now know firsthand just how chaotic and disruptive this is. Not only will you likely need to close up business operations until you can get a hold of a Garland commercial damage restoration company, but you must also do so quickly, as your very livelihood depends upon it. Thankfully, ServiceMaster of North Texas is there when you need us – 24/7, and at a moment’s notice. Our professional commercial water damage restoration services include water mitigation and drying solutions that work, even when the destruction seems catastrophic.

Why Even Minor Existing Leaks or Plumbing Problems Can Lead to Major Problems

Left unchecked, your minor water incidents such as plumbing malfunctions or a leaky roof can lead to extensive damage. As soon as you notice commercial water damage, call your insurance company immediately so an insurance agent can begin to file a claim and guide you through the next steps to keep your property protected. In all aspects of this water mitigation process, timeliness is a necessity. Knowing how to handle the situation makes all the difference. If you know what to do once water damage strikes, it can prevent further damage and you might be able to open your business more quickly than you would’ve been able to if you had waited longer to make the call to a professional commercial water damage restoration company in Garland. We will work quickly and use different cleaning protocols based on the different materials we’re working with and we will extract water carefully to reduce the amount of damage it incurs.

Our Water Mitigation Process Is Time-Tested for Efficacy & Effectiveness

While you may think a fire would be more damaging than a flood, the truth is water damage is often devastating. Without prompt treatment, lingering health hazards will creep up and can make you, your employees, and your patrons sick from the invisible yet dangerous black mold and other contamination. Not to mention your business property is also at risk of severe structural damage and pest infestations in addition to electrical shorts from standing water. Remember, time is off the essence, and this is not the time to do a DIY cleanup you learn from a free online crash course. Every moment counts, and you should enlist the immediate help of professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling commercial water damage cleanup jobs like yours.

Call Our Experts at ServiceMaster of North Texas

When disaster strikes, there’s one brand name that has been trusted by business owners to restore their properties to pre-loss conditions for the past 65+ years: ServiceMaster Restore. We understand how to handle the complex process of water damage restoration and have specialists ready to get your company back to normal. At ServiceMaster of North Texas, our locally owned and operated business team is proud to help you get your Garland business back up on its feet. If your property was impacted by water damage, get in touch with our team of experienced technicians. We’re ready and able to offer assistance and work with your schedule to restore the property so you can open for business again. Our phone lines are open 24/7, as we are well aware that water leaks, floods, and burst pipes aren’t respectful of business hours. Start enjoying peace of mind again – contact us today and we’ll be on the scene within hours.