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Green Cleaning in Garland, TX

Serving the Dallas and Garland, TX area since 1978

When it comes to the environment, companies are held responsible for their ecological footprint. With harsh products, emissions, and use of natural resources, they have a severe impact on the natural environment. Many chemicals that are used in common household cleaners also contribute to the pollution of air and soil, not to mention the health risks involved.

However, ServiceMaster of North Texas provides green cleaning services in the Dallas and Garland, TX area, not only to minimize its ecological footprint, but to improve the overall environment within residential and commercial properties. With green products available in all of our services, we are happy to contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

In addition, our products have also been approved and certified by environmental agencies, overall providing a natural, eco-friendly alternative to the common cleaning product with harsh chemicals.

A Green Cleaning Alternative

n addition, it has been proven that these eco-friendly products will have better results compared to traditional cleaning agents.

Combined with the highest quality green chemicals, these solutions are designed to remove even the most embedded debris from both hard and soft surfaces.

Finally, we have been able to improve the quality of our services as eco-conscious customers are able to benefit from maintaining both a clean and healthy property.

Our green cleaning services are certified and used in the following services:

As the awareness of our impact on the environment continues to grow, it has become common to ask if eco-friendly products are used in our cleaning products. We are proud to say “yes” as they provide even better results than the traditional cleaning agents.

In addition to being highly effective, our green cleaning products:

  • Have a reduced environmental impact
  • Do not contain any acidic, alkaline, or corrosive substances
  • Are bio-degradable
  • Are approved by leading environmental organizations, including Green Seal & Environmental Choice
  • Are odorless and solvent-free

Appointments AvailableGreen-Cleaning-Services-Dallas-Garland-TX

For commercial properties, it can be difficult to employ a cleaning staff after business hours. It can also present a financial challenge to have full or even part-time cleaning employees keep the building clean on regular basis.

However, ServiceMaster of North Texas is available to provide cleaning services with advanced green cleaning products that will keep your building looking polished and professional for employees and customers. We are also able to accommodate your schedule as to not disturb any activities held during the day.

For more information or to schedule a cleaning service with our green cleaning products, call us at (972) 284-0757 in the Dallas and Garland, TX areas.