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Upholstery Cleaning Services in Garland, TX

Serving the Dallas and Garland, TX area since 1978

Although carpeting receives the most wear and tear from frequent foot traffic, the condition of your furniture and upholstery can also have a significant impact on the entire look and feel of the room. Over time, it can become worn-down, discolored, and accumulate stains, making the room look outdated and unwelcoming.

But ServiceMaster of North Texas provides professional upholstery cleaning services in the Garland, TX areas to fully remove all dirt and debris from deep within the fabric. Serving commercial and residential properties of all sizes, our technicians have years of experience and professional training to fully restore the clean and pristine look of your furniture and upholstery. With our services, you can look forward to an improved look and feel of the room in addition to extending the life of your furniture and upholstery.

Professional Fabric CleaningUpholstery-Cleaning-Dallas-Garland-TX

While fading, deterioration, and discoloration are all part of the normal wear and tear of the furniture, having professional cleanings can actually extend their lifespan. As part of their training, our technicians have perfected a special cleaning method designed for removing all dirt and debris from furniture and upholstery of all types of material. Using both portable and truck-mounted system for a quality upholstery cleaning, they will be able to fully restore the like new condition of the fabric.

In order to get the most use out of your furniture and upholstery, there are a number of steps you can take to preserve its condition. If you want to extend their overall lifespan, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Plump the pillows: This keeps them looking full and avoids the padding from becoming flattened.
  • Rotate the cushions: Using each side will prevent significant wear and tear on one side.
  • Clean any spills right away: Accidents do happen – sometimes more than we like to admit. Just be sure to clean any spills to remove as much of the stain as possible before it becomes permanent.
  • Vacuum frequently: Finding crumbs and dirt within sofa cushions happens all the time. A weekly vacuuming job will be able to extract the majority of loose debris before it becomes embedded within the fabric.

Upholstery Maintenance CleaningUpholstery-Cleaning-Dallas-Garland-TX

Although there are a number of steps to keep your furniture and upholstery looking new and clean, it won’t stay pristine forever. With the use of professional furniture cleaning services, they will ultimately provide the best results.

Our services cover all of the following:

  • Pre-inspection of the furniture and upholstery
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains; removal of any loose debris
  • Full cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Application of scotch guard for protection (optional)

When it comes to the condition of your furniture and upholstery, maintaining a welcoming and new look can have a positive impact on a guest’s first impression. In addition, it can also show professionalism to a prospect client. But as soon as you notice any discoloration or deterioration, you may want to consider a professional furniture and upholstery cleaning. Our technicians are experienced to use a perfected method to remove all dirt and debris from the material.

Call ServiceMaster of North Texas for more information about our upholstery cleaning services or to schedule an appointment in the Garland, TX area at (972) 284-0757.