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Preventing Frozen Pipes

With frigid weather upon us, it is important that property owners and managers keep an eye out for freezing and bursting pipes. Steps you can take to prevent pipes from freezing:

  • Know where your water shut off valve is located.  Mark it so others know how to turn off water when necessary.
  • Insulate hot and cold water pipes with pipe insulation.
  • Do not turn down the heat especially if you are leaving your property unattended.
  • Leave sink or tub faucets running at a slow drip or stream to keep water moving and prevent it from freezing when temperatures drop overnight.
  • Open cabinet and vanity doors to expose pipes to the warmer room air.

If you already have frozen pipes:

  • Turn off your water and your water heater circuit breaker to prevent the heating elements from damage.
  • Check for leaks or cracks in the pipe and repair them before turning water back on.

Bundle up and stay warm.  Remember Spring is coming!