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Top Mold Remediation Services in Norwood and Greater Boston

Effective Mold Removal for Healthy Homes in Norwoodsevere mold infestation in bath tub

If your home, apartment or condo has suffered from water damage, it may be time to contact a team of IAQA skilled professionals. ServiceMaster by Gilmore mold damage restoration team is trained and CMR & CMRS Certified to properly remediate materials affected by mold. People suffering from allergies and asthma are particularly sensitive to the presence of mold. Avoid prolonged exposure to mold in your home or building by calling us today—we have a number of protocols we can utilize to effectively resolve the problem.

Call ServiceMaster by Gilmore today at (800) 783-0552 to schedule your mold inspection and treatment.

What Is Mold Remediation?

“Mold remediation” refers to the process of identifying, removing, and cleaning and treating a home that has experienced mold growth. Unlike some businesses that only remove mold, our full-service remediation specialists ensure a comprehensive approach from start to finish. Our team will:

  1. Assess the extent of the mold issue
  2. Contain and ventilate the affected area
  3. Perform thorough cleaning and disinfection
  4. Implement preventative measures against future mold

Need professional mold remediation in Norwood? Contact us at (800) 783-0552 for expert assistance!

When Is Mold Remediation Required?

Professional mold remediation is crucial when the affected area exceeds 10 square feet, posing health risks to occupants. If you're uncertain about tackling mold issues or the scope is too large, our removal specialists are ready to assist.

What to do After Mold Remediation?

After remediation, it's vital to prevent mold's return by repairing water damage, using dehumidifiers, enhancing ventilation, and monitoring for new growths or moisture issues.

Sanitizing surfaces and replacing porous materials like carpets or drywall may also be necessary to eliminate lingering mold spores.

How Do I Know if There Are Mold Spores in The Air?

Our mold remediation experts are adept at safely removing mold and ensuring your property is restored. If you suspect airborne mold spores, a professional inspection is essential for your safety.

For expert mold removal services in Norwood, call (800) 783-0552 or contact us online!