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Asbestos Awareness for Insurance & Property Professionals

This seminar is intended for insurance property, facility & maintenance professionals and addresses how the MA Asbestos Regulations inform how those of us in the insurance and property management industry do our jobs. Learn how to identify commonly found asbestos-containing materials, ACM, in the buildings you manage.

Other topics include who can sample, how many samples are required when to test, what to test, the age of the building and testing, kinds of testing, how testing turn-around time affects claim cycle time, testing costs, and coverage issues.

We will discuss what to look for when working with asbestos abatement and other contractors and how to do things properly in order to avoid exposure. This seminar will help protect you, your employees and insureds from exposing themselves, homes and businesses to asbestos. It will also give you the information to ensure you are meeting regulations and protect yourself from lawsuits and fines. We will discuss cases involving adjusters, carriers, insureds contractors and property management companies involving large fines and how to do things properly in order to avoid similar exposure.

Topics will include:

  • Background information on asbestos
  • Health effects associated with asbestos
  • How to recognize damage, deterioration, & de-lamination of asbestos- containing building material (ACBM)
  • Massachusetts and Federal Regulations and the requirement to sample.
  • What is the difference between collecting samples and testing?
  • Chain of custody and turnaround time.
  • When do you have to sample?
  • What do you have to sample?
  • Do you have to sample everything?
  • How many samples do you have to take?
  • Does the age of the building matter?
  • If I find asbestos, do I have to remove it?
  • When is testing not necessary?
  • Red flags when working with asbestos contractors.
  • Sampling/Abatement Invoices.
  • Fines/Penalties & Responsibilities.
  • Safety

Mold Remediation & Prevention:

Mold is everywhere! Learn about the different types of mold and how mold growth flourishes. Discover what to do when you have mold and most importantly how to prevent mold growth. This class focuses on mold damage and the remediation process.