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Kirksville Mold Removal & Inspection

Get Rid of Mold for Good

Mold is more than unsightly – it’s dangerous. Left untreated, mold can grow at a rapid rate, releasing tiny spores into the air that trigger allergic symptoms. Mold spores are particularly hazardous to people with respiratory conditions. Infants, children and the elderly are also at risk. That’s why it’s crucial that you contact a mold removal specialist at the first sign of mold.

The team at ServiceMaster by Lewellen's use the latest technology to find, diagnose and remove mold to protect you and your family. This includes disinfecting walls, floors and countertops. Because mold also threatens your home’s structure, we can also perform restorative services, such as removing damaged areas and sanding down surfaces.

More About Our Mold Removal Process

Removing mold is one thing, making sure it doesn’t return is another process altogether. Fixing your home’s mold problem is a multistep process that starts with identifying the source of the problem. This could be a dripping pipe behind a wall, excessive humidity, the lingering effects of catastrophic water damage or poor ventilation.

After we eliminate the source of moisture, we’ll assess and repair any damage, such as warped walls or flooring and discolored surfaces. Throughout the process, we’ll isolate mold with physical barriers and negative air pressure to prevent it spreading to other parts of your home. Plus, we treat affected areas with EPA-approved anti-fungal treatments.

Bottom line: Mold removal is complicated, requires specialized tools and equipment but is very effective when done properly. That’s why you should leave this job to the professionals at ServiceMaster by Lewellen's in Kirksville. We’re available 24/7 and our residential technicians are fully trained on the mold remediation process. Plus, we’re locally owned and have the support of the nationally recognized leader in mold remediation – SerivceMaster Restore.

Ready to put your mold problems behind you for good? Contact us today at (660) 250-2963 today or sEt your appointment online.