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Continuing Education Classes

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration is pleased to offer a series of free CE classes for Insurance Agents and Adjusters. All courses are taught by a licensed Continuing Education provider, recognized by the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Class Details

  • Breakfast is served at the 9:30 classes and lunch served at the 12:30 classes only.
  • All Classes are held at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration 145 B Cupped Oak Drive, Stallings, NC 28104
  • Flood Classes are a 4-hour course starting at 12:30

to register, please contact Joy Anderson at or (704) 527–1151

Course Descriptions:

Mitigating Personal Property Packout # C03664 (3 Credits) ** NEW CLASS **

This course will demonstrate how technology is enabling the restoration professional to manage and track packout inventory, movement and restoration better than ever before, while giving the homeowner or business manager a sense of security about the process. Participants will learn about the new tools and technology for evaluating, restoring and tracking inventory from start to finish.

Water Mitigation for Modular Homes # C03663 ( 3 Credits) ** NEW CLASS **

This course focuses on the restoration of mobile and modular homes after a water loss. Course material includes the differences between the two types of manufactured homes, mobile and modular, and the unique construction features that may impact decisions made during water mitigation.

Extreme Clean-Up: Handling a Hoarding Dilemma (3 Credits) **NEW CLASS**

This course was developed in partnership with Matt Paxton of reality TV’s Hoarding and Extreme Hoarding shows. It will explain why hoarding matters for insurance companies, adjusters adjusters and property management professionals. The course materials are designed to help the audience understand hoarding, assist them in identifying people suffering from this disorder, and educate them on how to properly handle a loss when a hoarder is involved. It will also cover the impact on the claims process and claim cost, as well as concerns that will arise when a loss of this type is encountered.

One Hour-Hoarding: The Hidden Disorder **NEW CLASS**

This course introduces the definition of hoarding and provides additional information about the different forms of hoarding that occur. It is designed to help agents, adjusters and property management professionals identify and interact with hoarders. This course will also suggest additional sources of information to learn more about the disorder and what type of help is available.

Mold Remediation Course # C71397 (3 Credits)

Mold Contamination continues to receive increased attention in the media, and is a rapidly growing concern for the insurance industry. In this class, we’ll examine what mold is, how it spreads, and its life cycle. In addition, you’ll learn what action should be taken to remove mold in a safe and reasonable manner. This class is designed so that when you select or recommend a remediation company, you can make an informed and intelligent decision.

Reducing Severities Through Restorative Structural Drying Course #C73440 (6 Credits)

6 days of training is boiled down into this 6 hour course on drying structures properly. The science of drying is explained in detail, with real life examples. Learn how to save $ on claims as well as reduce the impact of your insured.

Water Damage Mitigation Course # C71376 (3 Credits)

Lower your loss ratio and improve the service you provide to your insured. This class will help you and your staff reduce the size of many of your property losses. Learn just how much damage water can cause, and what steps can be taken to reduce or minimize the damage. After taking this class, you’ll know how to stop the loss before things get worse. The results are less damage, lower cost, improved loss ratios and satisfied customers.

Fire, Smoke and Odor Mitigation Course # C71372 (3 Credits)

Learn to improve service to your insured while lowering your loss ratio. You’ll leave with an understanding of how chemical vapors and acid gases cause damage to household surfaces such as aluminum, chrome, porcelain and marble. We have great hands-on opportunity to experience the mitigation process. Leave with an understanding of the best methods for controlling costs in any fire, smoke or odor control situation.

Reducing Severities through an Understanding of Furniture Damage and Restoration Course # C73834 (3 Credits)

This course will educate the participants on the various causes and types of damage that can occur to fine furniture and wood surfaces in a property loss situation. Attendees will become aware of the considerations that are used to determine how best to restore furniture or other wood surfaces. The participants will understand the process used to return these wood surfaces to a pre-loss or better condition while saving the insurance company time and money.

Ethics Course # C69492 (3 Credits)

This course will expose the participant to a practical method of ethical decision-making. Often, ethical decisions are made by gut reactions. Good ethical decisions are made when the decision-maker takes the time to explore the issue at hand thoroughly and develop a list of options for acting. By taking this list of possible options and placing them through a framework of common ethical approaches, the decision-maker can come up with a better and more ethical decision. This course will teach the learner about the components of a framework for ethics and how to use this framework to make more consistent ethical decisions. The participant will leave the classroom with a worksheet that will enable them to take the process back to work and use in on a daily basis if needed.

Subrogation Reporting on Mitigation Claims – Course # C05894 (3 Credits)

This course is to help agents and adjusters control claims costs through subrogation investigation and reporting and to teach them the value of mitigation first responders in achieving this objective.

Insurance Fraud – Course # C05892 (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the history, laws and statistics relating to the fraudulent insurance crimes that take place every day in America.

Errors and Omissions in the Insurance Industry – Course # C05893 (3 Credits)

This course will look at E & O from multiple angles. Error & omission lawsuits can be one of the most frightening experiences for an insurance producer. With an ever-changing litigious society, the chances are increasing greatly.