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Partner in Protecting your Property

Our Priority Response Program provides the highest level of response and capabilities available. We can respond faster and more efficiently because we have the largest network of commercial first responders than anyone in the industry. Our network of responders, resources, and overall capabilities has been engineered to provide clients with the fastest response while maintaining efficiency and eliminating excess cost.

ServiceMaster DSI has developed the industry’s Highest Priority Response Program. Every aspect of our program is engineered with the clients’ interest in mind, from individual property preparation and planning to established lines of communication regarding potential threats.

When you sign up for our Priority Response Program you are truly gaining a partner in protecting and restoring your property. SRM does not believe in prioritizing clients based on the retainer they are willing to pay and have never had to deny clients service due to lack of resources, so we offer this program free of charge to our clients.

Are you looking to prepare your property before damage occurs? Call us at (773) 729-1757 or contact us online to learn more about our Priority Response Program!

Begin a Partnership With Our Pre-Loss Planning Company in Chicago

This is NOT just a plan & response, but a continuous partnership that always includes the services below:

  • Centralized Process

    • Our process has been developed through years of experience specifically for commercial property restoration.

  • Scalable “Reach-back” Capabilities

    • Simply put, we have more locations, first responders, employees, and equipment than any other competitor and can respond according to your exact need.

  • Customized Advanced Weather Notifications

    • We work with each client to monitor potential threats such as storm activity and provide early notification including facility locations and threat levels. While some companies claim to provide weather monitoring, we use the latest weather tracking and forecasting software, not just public websites like many of our competitors.

  • Advanced Equipment and Resource Staging

    • When there is a threat for severe damage, SRM does not hesitate. While most competitors wait to mobilize until after the threat has passed, we mobilize prior to the storm and strategically position equipment, resources, and personnel in and around the affected areas to ensure we have access to our client’s facilities.

  • Power and Fuel Procurement

    • A crucially important aspect of any disaster restoration is the availability of backup power and fuel. SRM knows the importance of these aspects and has developed direct relationships with many providers so we can offer clients a one-stop solution for facility restoration.

Call us at (773) 729-1757 or contact us online to learn more about how we can partner with you in pre-loss planning.