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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Various types of hard surface floors are found in many different settings from homes to offices and commercial buildings. They are often chosen for their durability and moisture resistance and with the variety of hard surface flooring options available, there is a style, color, or pattern to fit any space. Hard surface floors are not invincible, they are vulnerable to stains, surface damage, and fading caused by dirt and heavy foot traffic.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides hard surface floor cleaning services for homes and businesses. Hard surface floors are typically used in areas with a high level of moisture or foot traffic because they are more durable than carpeting. However, each type of hard surface floor has cracks and crevices where dirt and other debris can gather. As this debris accumulates, it can cause damage by ruining adhesives that keep the floor together and wearing out the finish which can cause discoloration. We use advanced cleaning equipment to deep clean all types of hard surface flooring and restore its original appearance.

Our hard surface floor cleaning services can produce the following results:

  • Clean floors with an impressive shine
  • Reduced wear
  • No surface damage such as scratches or burn marks
  • Better slip resistance
  • Effective maintenance, stripping required less often

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Whether in your home or office, it takes effective care to maintain the look and life of your hard surface flooring. Our technicians have the training and the proper equipment to thoroughly clean and restore any type of hard surface floor. You can reach us any time at (718) 524-3855 for professional hard surface floor cleaning services in New York or New Jersey

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