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How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company in New Jersey

Water damage can result from noticeable calamities, like a failed sump pump. But even stealthy scenarios, like a leak in the water heater, can lead to major water damage. Homeowners in the Garden State should choose a reputable water damage restoration company before disaster strikes.

In addition to these aforementioned examples, various sources can spew excess moisture into a property. Sometimes fixing the cause of water damage, like a leaky toilet, is simple and inexpensive. When the AC saturates the ceiling, however, the water damage will be extensive and repairs costly.

In New Jersey, several reputable water damage restoration services are available for emergency services. Choosing the right one requires knowledge. Property owners who take the following steps ensure that when the next instance of water damage occurs, they will be fully prepared.

Always consider hiring a reputable company to perform the work

Step 1: Know Restoration Costs

Water damage restoration is an expensive project. In 2020, homeowners in Newark pay on average $2,548 in restoration costs. Researching national averages leads to inaccurate prices when comparing costs in New Jersey. Many factors influence the final price for New Jerseyans. In the Garden State, local labor hourly rates differ from national ones. Material costs, general contractor fees and permits required also vary.

Given the high costs of water damage restoration, homeowners are advised to hire a reputable company to perform the work. Knowing upfront the average price of repair prevents property owners from being victims of unscrupulous companies, slipshod work and the resulting exorbitant costs.

Step 2: Examine Credentials

A qualified water damage restorer possesses a license, is adequately insured and holds proper certification. While licensing is not required for restorers in New Jersey, companies that are licensed and certified by the IICRC for water damage restoration demonstrate industry competence.

Certification by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) means the company’s technicians follow a set of established procedural standards for water damage restoration. The IICRC industry standards are continually developed and are based on restoration principles, practical experience and research.

Insurance is necessary for water damage restoration pros since it protects both the property owner and technicians working onsite. General liability insurance covers any personal damage that results from the restoration. The company’s insurance also covers any property ruin caused by the restoration work.

Also check online reviews to learn about customer experiences. Several water damage restoration companies in New Jersey display reviews online. Online sources provide multiple reviews for a range of companies, from those in Newark to Ridgewood, with some listing the best of the best.

References from neighbors, colleagues, friends and relatives who have utilized a water damage restoration pro are invaluable in helping to narrow down choices. They can offer insight into the company’s professionalism, response time to emergencies, ability to work with insurance and prices.

Reliable services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Step 3: Review Response Time

Water damage is often an emergency situation and requires an immediate response. When considering various local water damage restoration companies, look for daily 24-hour service. Water damage is surreptitious and can catch homeowners off guard any day of the year.

A reputable water damage restoration expert will have phone lines open 24 hours of the day. Customer service that is available 24/7 is critical to keeping homeowners apprised of the progress of their water damage restoration project. Helpful customer service agents who offer flexible booking options are a plus.

Step 4: Ensure Restorer Works with Insurance

New Jerseyans may have homeowner’s insurance that covers water damage restoration. If insurance is in place, it is important to find a restoration company that is experienced in working directly with insurance companies to settle the expenses resulting from the restoration project.

A skilled water damage restoration pro will identify the source of the damage, such as a leaky toilet or a broken washing machine hose and communicate the information to the insurance agent. The restorer will also notify the agent of the extent of damage to the home.

Negotiations between a qualified water damage restorer and the insurance representative accelerate the processing of the claim. An experienced contractor will make certain that the insurance claim covers all areas of property damage, no matter whether the ruin is major or minor.

ServiceMaster restoration crews use advanced water extraction equipment to eliminate excess moisture

Step 5: Work with Local Pros

Homeowners in New Jersey are flooded with dozens of local water damage restoration options. While it is beneficial to have a range of companies from which to choose, making the optimal choice for a qualified, local restorer can be a time-consuming process.

New Jerseyan's with a water damage emergency can turn to a water damage restoration company that consistently delivers high-quality workmanship. ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete is a reputable water damage cleanup service with countless satisfied customers in Bergen County, New Jersey.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete technicians arrive at your waterlogged home within one to two hours of your emergency call. Our speedy arrival and prompt attention deter further water damage to your property. The damage is swiftly contained, and a restoration plan is quickly devised.

Water extraction and drying are tackled first. ServiceMaster restoration crews use advanced water extraction equipment to eliminate excess moisture from the area. We move back furniture and belongings, clean up and fully restore the area to return it to a habitable condition.

Water damage is an emergency situation. The longer moisture is left to penetrate porous materials, the more structural damage will occur. In addition, harmful mold infestations seize the property, causing a range of health issues to the home’s inhabitants and structural issues in the building.

Before water damage has a chance to spread and cause substantial ruin to your home or business, consult ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete. Our water damage restoration crews work fast so that you return to your daily routine quickly. Reliable services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.