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Prepare your Business for Winter Weather

A winter storm can severely impact business as usual. Losses and damages can actually keep you from opening your doors long after the storm has passed – especially if you didn't have a snowstorm preparedness plan already in place. Get back to business as quickly as possible with ServiceMaster DSI's winter weather tips for businesses. 


  1. Prepare Your Employees: Educate your employees on what to expect with winter storms and how that will affect operations. With preparation and planning, your staff will feel more confident in the event of disaster.

  2. Check (and Double Check) Your Insurance Coverage: Read your insurance policy to make sure your business is protected against damage from winter storms. Don't get caught without coverage. Check your insurance policy before cold weather arrives.

  3. Make a List of Emergency Services: Keep a list of local emergency services and post it somewhere easily accessible. This list should include contact information for your insurance agent, building owner, heating contractor, plumber, local fire department and snow removal services. If the unexpected does happen, you'll be able to contact essential emergency services as soon as you need them.

  4. Make a List of Business Contacts: In any emergency, you may need to get ahold of employees and other business contacts to communicate your plan and procedures. Have a contact list for vendors, clients and employees easily accessible so you can notify them of changes as they happen.

  5. Arrange for Snow Removal: Quick snow removal will get you back to business in a more timely fashion. Find a company that can remove snow and ice from your driveways, parking lot, doorways and even the roof of your building. Keep the phone number for your snow removal service on your emergency services contact list.

Preparing for winter storms in advance can mean the difference between closing your business for a few days and closing for longer. Prepare before the cold weather hits to ensure you'll be ready. If your business does suffer damage during a winter storm, ServiceMaster DSI is here to get you back to business 24/7/365. Contact us at 800-954-9444.