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How Businesses Can Participate in National Preparedness Month

Businesses and their staff face a variety of hazards. Whether it be natural, like a flood or tornado, or a health hazard, like the flu, business owners can prepare for themselves, their business, and their staff for threats they are likely to see. Every September, National Preparedness Month is observed to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time.

The planning process should take an “all-hazards” approach as it is essential to consider the various threats and hazards and the likelihood that they could occur.

Strategies for prevention/deterrence and risk mitigation should be developed as part of the planning process. Threats or hazards classified as probable, as well as hazards that could cause injury, property damage, business disruption, or environmental impact, should be addressed.

Ready has created a guide for developing an “all-hazards” preparedness plan. Business owners can identify and analyze potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and possible impacts. The risk assessment will identify threats or hazards and opportunities for hazard prevention, deterrence, and risk mitigation. The business impact analysis (BIA) identifies time-sensitive or critical processes and the financial and operational impacts resulting from disruption of those business processes.

This information can be useful in making informed decisions regarding investments to offset risks and avoid business disruptions.

Over the next month, we will identify potential hazards that businesses could encounter and identify preparedness tips and steps that can be taken if a disaster occurs at your business.

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