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Redefining Response for Commercial Properties

From natural disasters to broken sprinkler systems and everything in between, we are prepared to assist you with both large-scale and small-scale losses. With our pre-loss planning, SRM can help minimize the extent of damages to your property when disasters strike. We may not be able to prevent the inevitable, but we can help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible afterward.

Our Priority Response Program provides the highest level of response and capabilities available. We can respond faster and more efficiently because we have the largest network of commercial first responders than anyone in the industry. Our network of responders, resources, and overall capabilities has been engineered to provide clients with the fastest response while maintaining efficiency and eliminating additional downtime.

ServiceMaster Recovery Management has developed the industry’s Highest Priority Response Program. Every aspect of our program is engineered with the client’s interest in mind, from individual property preparation and planning to established lines of communication regarding potential threats. When you sign up for our Priority Response Program, you are truly gaining a partner in protecting and restoring your property. SRM does not believe in prioritizing clients based on the retainer they are willing to pay and have never had to deny clients service due to a lack of resources, so we offer this program free of charge to our clients.

This is NOT just a plan & response, but a continuous partnership that always includes:

True Full-Service Partnership

It goes without saying that restoration projects entail quite a few moving parts. These projects can quickly encounter problems if every aspect of your recovery isn’t handled appropriately. Timing is also imperative to a successful restoration. Property damage is stressful enough without having to struggle to reach various contractors to assist you with debris removal, temporary power, and other needs.

SRM will eliminate that stress by making sure all of these aspects have been secured. Our clients won’t have to compete with others in their community when the demand for contractors is high immediately following a major disaster. Others will have to pay a premium price for services, as there won’t be room for negotiation during these high-demand events. With SRM, you can rest assured that you and your property will be fully taken care of. Our one-source solution will eliminate any confusion and inefficiency you would experience elsewhere.

Scalable “Reach-back” Capabilities

Our reach-back capabilities allow SRM to seamlessly scale to meet the needs of any size loss while at the same time protecting clients from excessive charges due to equipment mobilization. From large-scale generators capable of powering entire worksites to semi-trailer-mounted extraction units, SRM has more large-scale equipment than any other company.

Being prepared for large-scale disasters is critical to a successful disaster recovery plan. However, having a reliable, cost-effective solution for smaller losses is also important. Many restoration companies simply cannot provide efficient responses to both large and small losses, so they either decline smaller losses altogether requiring the client to use another provider, or they over-respond by mobilizing far too many resources at the customer’s expense. When engineering our Advanced Recovery Program, we recognized that neither of these situations was acceptable for our clients. We understand that clients need a solution that is available for all size losses while avoiding the excessive charges caused by mobilization efforts that do not align with client needs.

Customized Advanced Weather Notifications

We work with each client to monitor potential threats, such as storm activity and provide early notification, including facility locations and threat levels. We use the latest weather tracking and forecasting software, not just public websites.

Advanced Equipment and Resource Staging

SRM has engineered the industry’s only proactive approach to commercial property restoration. When there is a threat for severe damage, SRM does not hesitate. While most competitors wait to mobilize until after the threat has passed, we mobilize prior to the storm and strategically position equipment, resources, and personnel in and around the affected areas to ensure we have access to our client’s facilities.

While we are moving equipment onto client properties, other restoration companies are still trying to relocate their equipment to the area. This reactive approach common with other contractors not only delays the initial response but often gaining access to the impacted region is not possible for days or even weeks following a storm. By strategically staging equipment surrounding the expected area, SRM is often on-site beginning mitigation when competitors are still trying to gain access to the area and moving equipment. This proactive approach means you have the best chance of minimizing property damage and overall loss severity.

Ancillary Services

We specialize in more than restoration; we also have the proper equipment and guidance needed to provide you with the right solution to any size project you have. Whether you’re planning ahead or find yourself needing temporary services to solve a short-term problem, we have the answer. We offer ancillary services, including, but not limited to:

  • Light Towers

  • Portable Restrooms

  • Temporary and Executive Trailers

  • ADA Compliant Equipment

  • Dumpsters

  • Temporary HVAC Control

  • Heat AC Spot Cooling

  • Fuel Services

  • Bulk Storage

  • Temporary Power

  • Propane Delivery

  • Temporary Fencing

  • Potable / Non-Potable Water

  • Handwashing Stations

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Environmental Survey & Protocol

  • Food / Waste Disposal

  • De-Branding (Store Closing)

  • Closed Stores, Remove All Signage & Branding

With SRM, you can rest assured that our agreement will cover every aspect of your restoration. In the event there is a disaster, there will never be any questions or confusion on the part of either party. Instead, our commercial damage restoration team will be able to get right to work on everything you need. Our agreement even covers some of the unforeseen needs you may have from unexpected events. Simply put, SRM offers the most comprehensive pre-disaster program that will ensure your facility receives comprehensive treatment. Get started with our pre-loss program here.