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How to Reduce Mold Growth During Summer

During the summer, heat, rain, and humidity can create the perfect conditions for mold to grow and spread quickly, leading to potential property damage. To prevent this, consider the following steps to limit mold growth on their property.

Control Humidity

There is more of an incentive to keep air flowing throughout the property than to keep everyone cool. Consider investing in a dehumidifier if the property has high humidity. If you see any condensation on the walls or ceiling, wipe them down immediately. Keep the air flowing throughout the home by running ceiling and bathroom fans.

Control the Temperature

Mold loves hot, humid temperatures. Try maintaining relatively cool temperatures throughout the property by adjusting the thermostat, keeping it low to limit mold growth.

Keep Air Circulating

Mold is attracted to stagnant air, but running fans, dehumidifiers, and the air conditioner will significantly reduce the chances for mold to grow. If there are some rooms you usually don’t use, still keep the vents and door open to keep the air dry and moving.

Monitor Air Ducts for Condensation

When running your air conditioner on high for long periods, condensation can build within the air ducts and breed mold. It is recommended to check your air ducts about once every two weeks for condensation in the summertime.

Inspect Your Roof for Leaks

Especially during summers with heavy rainfall, roof leaks are common and often go unnoticed until there’s a mold issue. If there is consistent rain, check your roof every few days for signs of leaks to catch water damage as soon as it happens.