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Having seen the devastating effects of residential fires for more than 40 years, ServiceMaster DSI believes fire prevention is the first step in reducing home damage.

For National Fire Prevention Month 2023, we’ve compiled some creative fire prevention ideas that homeowners can adopt to ensure their homes are well-protected.

These suggestions are based on guidelines provided by reputable organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). But we’re also going beyond the standard practices to offer creative approaches that can be implemented easily in your household and shared with your neighborhood.

By incorporating these ideas into your daily routines, you can enhance fire safety measures and create a safer environment for yourself and your household.  

Let’s begin!

1. Conduct regular inspections of smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed. Seem obvious? Maybe so. But consider creating a game to make this an activity where your whole family can participate.

To begin, pick at least two times a year a year to check the detectors’ batteries. While Daylight Savings Time generally serves as a great reminder, you don’t have to stick with those dates. 

Instead, select dates that are memorable to you: The date you bought your house, adopted your pet, or started your job. Encourage your children to offer their suggestions as well. Then, note these days on the calendar together so no one forgets. 

2. Create a fire escape plan that goes beyond a single evacuation route. Encourage family members to identify alternative exits from each room, such as windows or back doors, in case the primary exit is blocked. 

3. Practice your fire escape plan -- and change it up when needed. Another thing your household should do twice a year is practice your fire safety plan. 

Change your fire plan whenever you move rooms or furniture. Practice makes perfect, so be intentional about this step whenever you have a significant change in your home!

4. Consider fire-resistant landscaping. Incorporate materials (such as gravel or stone) that are less likely to catch fire around your property to act as a buffer zone between your home and potential ignition sources.

5. Utilize smart home technology. Smart devices such as connected smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and monitoring systems can provide real-time alerts and enhance overall fire safety.

6. Organize neighborhood workshops or events where residents can learn about fire safety measures, including proper usage of electrical appliances and safe handling of flammable materials. If you find big hazards, consider completely removing them from your property to help reduce your risk of fire.

National Fire Prevention Month serves as a great reminder to protect your property. By implementing the six fire prevention ideas above, you can help safeguard your household from potential disasters and contribute to a safer community.

For more information about fire prevention and fire damage restoration, contact ServiceMaster DSI at 844-413-3130 or visit our online form.