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Water Damage

  • Hurricane Hazards and Preparedness Tips for Homeowners Cell phone? First aid kit and medications? Your neighbors’ phone numbers? Unless you can check off these items and more, you likely don’t have everything you need to be truly prepared for a hurricane. Take an active role in your safety even before the Atlantic hurricane ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Steps to Follow if Severe Weather Floods Your Home Torrential rain, flooding and tornadoes. We talk of these things often when it comes to severe weather and how to prepare against it. But what about when, despite all your best efforts, you can’t prevent a storm from wreaking havoc on your home? Or when water enters your ... Continue Reading
  • Preventing Water Damage at Your Business A water leak in your business should never be ignored. Whether from a plumbing leak, an appliance malfunction, or a leaky roof or window, even a minimal amount of excess water can lead to significant water damage repair costs. That's why it's essential to identify leaks and ... Continue Reading
  • Ice Dam Prevention for Chicago Residents ICE DAM PREVENTION FOR CHICAGO RESIDENTS Although seeing icicles forming on your house can make a picturesque sight in winter, it actually is a warning sign that a disaster could occur. Icicles are a tell-tale sign that your property has an ice dam, but what does that mean? ... Continue Reading
  • Polar Vortex and Frozen Pipe Tips for Chicago Residents POLAR VORTEX AND FROZEN PIPE TIPS FOR CHICAGO RESIDENTS What is the Polar Vortex? According to the Farmer’s Almanac , we can expect the winter to be “one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen in years”. Extreme cold weather has plagued the country the past few years, ... Continue Reading
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