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Pre-Loss Planning in Wharton, NJ

You never know when a natural disaster can cause major damage to your property. For businesses, a natural disaster like a flood, fire, or major storm can result in major damage to property, products, and equipment and put your business out of commission while the damage is restored. All of this adds up to a major loss for your business. The best way to avoid a major loss when disaster strikes is to have a plan in place to respond to the disaster quickly and limit the damage and your losses.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we offer pre-disaster planning and response for businesses in Wharton, NJ and the surrounding areas. With these services, our professionals will work with you to put an emergency plan in place that will help limit your losses should a disaster occur. We will also evaluate the unique needs of your property so we can create a disaster recovery plan that will be put into action immediately after a disaster to limit your losses and get your business back on track.

Our pre-disaster planning is the result of decades of experience among our staff and feedback from commercial clients in various industries. We are dedicated to providing custom, reliable disaster restoration after any kind of disaster to help minimize damage and limit the interruption to your business to reduce your losses.

What Makes Our Program Different?

Our pre-disaster planning program provides peace of mind to businesses. When you work with ServiceMaster by Timeless, you can expect our professionals to work with you to put emergency plans in place that are tailored to the unique needs of your business to respond to any type of disaster. Businesses will also get alerts like weather notifications as well as advanced resource and equipment staging and a fast response from our technicians when a disaster occurs. We will be on your property right away with the equipment and personnel to handle any disaster restoration job.

Our technicians will spring into action and be on-site within 4 hours or less of your call. We offer a proactive response by using advanced equipment and resource staging and we have unparalleled resources and reach-back capabilities. This fast response can save valuable time, including rescuing items and property that might otherwise be unsalvageable. Our response time, along with our expertise in restoration, allows us to provide quick resolutions, standardized prices, and controlled-loss ratios. We also advise our commercial and municipal clients regarding restoration versus replacement decisions.

Our pre-disaster planning services include the following:

  • Partnership with ServiceMaster by Timeless: We work closely with businesses to create and implement preparation and response plans for each type of disaster. We can also provide weather notifications, procure fuel and power, and stage resources and equipment ahead of time.
  • Centralized process: Our technicians are trained, equipped, and experienced and will arrive in the aftermath of a disaster with restoration methods that have been proven effective.

Our pre-disaster planning services are designed to protect our clients from natural disasters through preparation and communication when a disaster is imminent. We will be your partner in ensuring that your business is protected and when a disaster does occur, our technicians will respond immediately to help limit your losses and restore the damage.

With over 250 Commercial Restoration Specialists and 700 Quality Restoration Vendor (QRV) locations throughout the U.S., our professionals are uniquely qualified to handle your recovery needs.

ServiceMaster by Timeless offers:

  • Proactive approach to disaster recovery
  • True full-service partner
  • Reach-back capabilities
  • Equipment and resource staging
  • Post-storm damage assessment
  • Large loss job reporting
  • 24/7/365 emergency response network

Benefits of pre-disaster planning with ServiceMaster by Timeless:

  • Matterport technology 3D reality capture (documenting pre/post-loss)
  • Advanced equipment and resource staging
  • Pre-approved pricing
  • Severe weather alert mobile app
  • Customized loss reporting process
  • Designated account managers
  • Centralized management

ServiceMaster’s unparalleled resources:

  • Local, regional, and national response
  • More equipment than any other restoration contractor
  • Scalable response and reach-back capabilities
  • Emergency power for any size building
  • Avoid unnecessary costs caused by over-response
  • Branded/uniformed first response

Step 1: Pre-Loss Planning

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe, the best defense is a good offense. At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we believe that effective preparation is the best way to help minimize damages when disasters strike.

ServiceMaster offers the only Pre-Loss Plan in the industry. We assist all government, county, municipality, and commercial businesses. You can rest assured that your organization will receive the highest priority response from our vast local, regional, and national resources.

It is common for business owners to be so focused on their day-to-day activities that they do not put a disaster plan in place to respond to floods, fires, severe weather, and other disasters. Our professionals will help you form a comprehensive Pre-Loss Plan that offers protection for your municipality or commercial business. We will work with you to assess your situation and determine the best plan of action for you and your employees to prepare for any size disaster.

Why Have a Pre-Loss Plan?

The thought of a large-scale disaster is terrifying for business owners, but 84% of commercial property losses are caused by small scale disasters such as burst pipes or contained kitchen fires. However, these smaller scale disasters can still have a major impact on your business and result in large losses if they are not handled quickly. Some examples of minor problems that can become major issues include broken sprinkler systems, electrical fires, sewage backups, loss of power, and burst pipes.

A natural disaster can happen at any time. If you do not have a plan in place to respond to the disaster, you are more likely to experience serious damage that will disrupt your business and cost you both time and money.

Benefits of ServiceMaster by Timeless Pre-Loss Plan:

  • Minimize financial disruption to your business
  • Minimize damage to commercial property
  • Speed up the restoration

Step 2: Highest Priority Response Program

ServiceMaster has developed the industry’s Highest Priority Response Program. Every aspect of our program is engineered with the clients’ interests in mind, from individual property preparation and planning to established lines of communication regarding potential threats.

When you sign up for our Priority Response Program, you are truly gaining a partner in protecting and restoring your property. ServiceMaster does not believe in prioritizing clients based on the retainer they are willing to pay and have never had to deny clients service due to lack of resources. We offer this program free of charge to our clients.

This is NOT just a plan and response, but a continuous partnership.

Benefits of ServiceMaster’s Priority Response Program:

  • Ensure employees and managers know what to do to continue operations during the restoration process.
  • Prepare for working remotely if possible during the restoration process.
  • Avoid having to shut down or lose your business.

Post-Loss Recovery Plan

A natural disaster can send many business owners into a tailspin:

Damage to your commercial building and office equipment may make it necessary to suspend business operations, costing you and your employees their time, money, livelihoods, and possibly even some of them their careers.

We provide a Post-Loss Recovery Plan to help businesses affected by a natural disaster. After arriving to your location within 4 hours from the time of your initial call, our team of professional technicians will get your local and county government municipality or privately owned commercial business fully restored and your business back in operation as soon as safely possible. We will quickly assess the extent of the damage so we can create and implement a comprehensive Post-Loss Recovery Plan to completely restore your commercial property.

Benefits of ServiceMaster’s Post-Loss Recovery Plan:

  • Provide early access to generators for any size commercial business structure.
  • Offer warming centers if necessary due to inclement weather.
  • Working in concert with all location managers and insurance adjusters as necessary and/or if requested.

Matterport Technology

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we utilize Matterport Technology to create a comprehensive pre-loss documentation of inventory and conditions. This enables us to provide a complete assessment of your local and county government municipality or privately owned commercial business property.

Matterport Technology is the standard for 3D visual space capture recording and auto-mapping. Their all-in-one platform transforms real-life spaces into immersive digital twin models, infinitely better than standard panoramic scans.

Everyone – policyholder, adjuster, and contractor – can all agree that the HDR photography, interactive 3D walkthroughs, and digital measurements displayed in a Matterport 3D scan are indisputable. In Matterport, every scan point is time-stamped, there is no ability to alter photos, and dimensions are accurate within 1%. Matterport empowers people to capture and connect rooms to create truly interactive 3D models of spaces and serves as an important tool in quantifying lost inventory after a disaster.

Why ServiceMaster by Timeless uses Matterport Technology:

  • Accurate and efficient measuring
  • HDR quality pictures
  • Interactive 3D walkthroughs
  • Commercial business protection (Matterport disrupts insurance claims and restoration disputes)

In the property insurance world, agreeing upon what reality actually was at a certain point in time is “mission critical” for all sides involved in a claim.

Protect Your Business with Pre-Disaster Planning

Disaster can strike at any time, and having a pre-loss plan in place can significantly minimize the impact on your business. Our team at ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless offers comprehensive pre-disaster planning services to help businesses in Wharton, NJ prepare for potential emergencies.

Benefits of pre-disaster planning with ServiceMaster by Timeless include:

  • Customized emergency response plans tailored to your business needs
  • Identification of potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • Minimization of downtime and business interruption
  • Protection of assets and critical business functions
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a plan in place for any emergency

Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us today to learn more about how our pre-disaster planning services can safeguard your business.

Call Us for Pre-Disaster Planning

If you want to help protect your business from the threat of natural disasters, talk to our professionals at ServiceMaster by Timeless about our pre-disaster planning services. By partnering with our professionals, you will get assistance implementing emergency plans that will protect your business in case of a disaster as well as priority response after a disaster.