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7 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Most property owners are aware that professional carpet cleaning will be more thorough than a simple vacuuming job. But there are also additional benefits of carpet cleaning that can significantly impact the rest of the property. These can include the enhancing the overall appearance of the room, improving indoor air quality, and removing significant amounts of dirt and bacteria from the floors.

Before and After Stained CarpetIn addition, vacuuming will not be able to remove stains from pets, red wine, mud, or any other accidents. With professional carpet cleaning, you will not only have these removed, but the service can actually prolong the lifespan of your carpet, allowing you to save money from having to replace it in the near future.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  1. Prolonging the life of your carpet. While vacuuming is able to extract the majority of dirt and debris from the fibers, it is not able to remove those that are deeply embedded. Over time, they will start to wear down the material, which will eventually need replacing.
  2. Improves overall room appearance. If you think about it, the carpeting is the largest and most heavily-used furnishing on the property. It receives daily foot traffic and is prone to numerous stains and spots. But a clean carpet can improve the overall appearance of the room, making it look sanitized and polished.
  3. Stained StairsEnhances indoor air quality. If a carpet has never been professionally cleaned, it will hold significant amounts of dust, dirt, and other debris that will become airborne from the foot traffic. When these particles are in the air, allergic reactions and breathing problems are triggered. But professional carpet cleaning will extract even the most embedded debris from the fibers using a hot water extraction method. You may also want to consider professional air duct cleaning.
  4. Removing stains. It can be easy to simply move a couch or bed over a carpet stain to hide it from plain view, but those that are in the middle of the room are harder to cover and will stand out like a sore thumb. They can even accelerate the deterioration process over time if they are not removed. Professional carpet cleaning will ensure that all spots and stains are cleaned, prolonging the carpet’s lifespan.
  5. Removal of dirt and bacteria. As the dirt and bacteria are extracted out of the fibers with professional cleaners, the property will then be more sanitary as you notice that those living in the home are not getting sick as often.
  6. Maintains carpet’s warranty. Most carpets come with warranties after you buy them, but they will only be useful if you have it cleaned at least every 12- 18 months.
  7. Creates a good impression for guests and clients. A clean carpet within the home will leave a good impression on a guest because it looks comfortable and clean. A clean carpet within an office space will look professional and even increase employee morale.
  8. Protection of carpet fibers with Scotchguard. While this is optional in every carpet cleaning services, this product can protect the fibers from future stains, spots, and dirt. Overall, the benefits of using Scotchguard will save time and money on future cleaning, maintain the best indoor air quality, and makes future cleaning and maintenance easier.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

ServiceMaster Restore LogoWhen searching for the carpet cleaning service that best fits your needs, you may become overwhelmed by the amount of vendors readily available to come out to your home or building. But these providers will differ in their cleaning products, techniques, and prices that will affect the overall result of the job, not to mention your bank account.

While many property owners will have different needs and requirements, ServiceMaster Restoration Services in Omaha, NE has been able to satisfy numerous home and business owners with our services. We use advanced cleaning products and equipment, the most efficient, effective, and safe cleaning technique – the hot water extraction method, and offer Scotchguard protection. Call us today at (402)513-8306 for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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