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SMOKE & FIRE Damage Restoration in Pompano Beach

Restore your Home to its pre-damaged state

The last thing anyone needs is a fire to get out of hand. Flames alone wreak havoc and then comes the ash and soot to tarnish possessions. Don’t forget the lingering smoke odors that seem nearly impossible to eliminate.

And there will probably be water damage from firefighting efforts. If water isn't carefully treated, mold can grow in the damp environments left unseen. It’s a lot to handle. These are just a few of the components and complexities involved in fire damage restoration in Pompano Beach.

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Pompano Beach, we get it. Because we handle these situations every day for home and business owners. Each instance is unique. Our trained professionals understand the significance of rapid response with fire damage repair. Once we arrive on-site, we’ll quickly assess and inspect to create a plan that gets you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Has your home suffered from smoke and fire damage? Call us at (954) 710-6346 or contact us online for professional restoration services.

Our Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration services

Several of the steps that are common for fire damage restoration include:

  • Inspecting the Source: Each type of fire calls for a different solution, whether it was protein-based, natural, or complex.
  • Evaluating Water Damage: If there were firefighting efforts, we will determine the extent of treatment necessary for the excess water.
  • Remediating Water Damage: Our team will prevent water from worsening the issues. Remediation can consist of drying, dehumidifying, cleaning, and sanitizing.
  • Contents Management: This often entails packing out and relocating your belongings to a safe facility offsite for cleaning and recovery. We will maintain a detailed inventory of items, store them securely, clean, and return everything to help you get back to normal.
  • Tarping & Board-up: To help keep your home safe from vandalism and robbery during restoration, we will tarp and board-up any exposed areas.
  • Safety Measures: We will inspect for structural stability, remove charred contents, and reconstruct walls, flooring, etc. as necessary.
  • Smoke Damage Cleaning Services: We will focus on removing smoke odor and damage to your belongings and property through effective de-odorization methods.
  • Treating & Sealing: Once everything is clean and beginning to feel more like normal, we will seal to prevent odors from leaking back into the house.

Our team will help you get back to normal as much as possible.

Contact us online today or call us at (954) 710-6346 for SMOKE AND fire DAMAGE restoration in Pompano Beach.

Tips for Fire and Smoke Damage

Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice for making the most of your situation while you wait for professional assistance. We do not recommend taking DIY steps for fire damage cleanup. This is because you run the risk of breathing in toxic by-products, or injury from hidden structural issues. Even a small fire can turn into a costly repair job if not handled correctly and carefully.

What To Do to Prepare for Fire Damage Clean up

  • If the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, open doors, and windows to let fresh air circulate.
  • Swap out the air filter on your furnace if yours uses forced air.
  • Capture loose soot particles by taping damp cheesecloth over returns and supply registers.
  • Turn the electricity off, clean out the inside of your refrigerator and leave the doors open for airflow.

What Not To Do

  • Do not touch anything with your bare hands, even if you’re cleaning things, because the oil from your hands can cause additional damage.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances for cleaning or any other use until they have been examined.
  • Do not attempt to wash the walls, or clean flooring, unless you have training in the correct ways to do so.


How long will the restoration process take?

The duration of the restoration process after a residential fire can vary based on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the property, and the specific services needed. A restoration company typically conducts an initial assessment to provide an estimate of the timeline. Here are some considerations:

  • Assessment Phase: We will assess the damage and create a detailed plan for restoration.

  • Extent of Damage: The severity of the fire damage plays a significant role. Extensive damage may require a more extended restoration period.

  • Type of Services: The specific services needed, such as structural repairs, smoke and soot removal, and content restoration, can affect the timeline.

  • Drying and Deodorization: If water was used to extinguish the fire, drying the property and addressing lingering odors may add to the overall timeline.

We communicate effectively with the homeowner, providing updates and managing expectations throughout the process.

How does the insurance claims process work?

Here's a general overview:

  • Contacting the Insurance Company: Notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the fire. The insurance company will guide you through the initial steps and provide information on the claims process.

  • Documenting the Damage: We will document the damage thoroughly, including photographs and written descriptions. This documentation is crucial for the insurance claim.

  • Providing Estimates: We will provide detailed estimates of the restoration costs to the insurance company. This includes an itemized list of services and associated expenses.

  • Approval and Payment: Once the insurance company approves the claim, payments are typically issued to cover the cost of restoration. The homeowner may need to pay any deductible specified in the insurance policy.

  • Ongoing Communication: Throughout the process, ongoing communication between the homeowner, ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Pompano Beach, and insurance company is essential to address any issues or changes in the restoration plan.

It's advisable for homeowners to review their insurance policy carefully, understand the coverage, and work closely with us to facilitate a smooth claims process. Effective communication and documentation are key elements in ensuring a successful and timely resolution of the insurance claim.