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Why Mold LOVES Summertime!

Kids are out of school and their time is filled with more fun than homework -- no wonder they look forward to summer! But it’s not only kids that love summertime; MOLD loves summer too. Whether it’s a dank, dark basement or a slow leak in the roof, warm weather provides the perfect growing conditions for mold and fungi. Combine moisture, heat, oxygen and an organic medium and you have the perfect recipe for mold spores to flourish.

Late summer is notorious for high humidity which combined with heat growth accelerates the growth of this nasty substance. Water damage, leaking pipes or roof and dirty HVAC system can all contribute to airborne mold spores that can infect other areas of your home, especially during vacation when air conditioning is not running or left at a higher temperature to save money. It’s time to combat this creepy intruder and the following tips can make a big difference.

  1. Address any water damage or leaking pipes immediately after discovery. Even a 24-48 hour delay gives mold a chance to spring to life.
  2. Pay special attention to roof leaks, no matter how small. Left unchecked, water can seep from the attic to behind walls where you cannot see, but still leak into the air.
  3. Increase ventilation in any area that has stagnant air. This can be a huge deterrent in basements which rarely have fresh air circulating. Be sure to open windows and use fans if any area does not have air conditioning.
  4. Use dehumidifiers in any area that has high moisture, especially the basement. Best to have it run to a sink or sump pump drain to be sure it is going 24/7.
  5. Last, remember that mold needs organic matter to feed on, so remove as much clutter from areas that are susceptible to mold.

The good news is that by the time the kids are settled back in school in late September, the high humidity and heat will begin to subside as well. In the meantime, be diligent to minimize the culprits that can affect your family’s health and reduce the value of your home. And if you do, you’ll enjoy that summer vacation even more!