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Fire/Smoke Detectors – Location of device is life or death

Location, location, location – Realtors are not the only ones to cite this advice. Fire/smoke detectors are one of the best pro-active measures you can do to protect your family and business. Did you know that a detector installed in the wrong place may prevent the alarm from sounding early enough to allow time for escape?

The Consumer Product Safety Commissions reports that over 2,000 people lose their lives in residential fires each year, many of which could be prevented with proper precautions. Any installation is a step in the right direction, but proper placement of detectors allows the alarm to sound sooner, giving inhabitants additional precious minutes to flee.

A smoke alarm should be installed and maintained following manufacturer’s instructions, but home and business owners need to consider the layout of their property to ensure proper placement. A smoke alarm should be installed on every level and in every bedroom for maximum safety. There should be one fire extinguisher on every level with an additional extinguisher in both the kitchen and the garage, where most fires start. Last, carbon monoxide detectors are also an important addition to the safety of your family, especially if the home uses fuel-burning appliances or stoves. It is recommended to have one on each level and in every bedroom.

Newer devices can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide and is clearly indicated on the packaging. This makes it easier to maintain the device, which should be checked monthly, and batteries changed annually, if not sooner.

A house or business fire is devastating and obviously needs to have every precaution implemented. The cost of purchasing and installing detectors is an investment in safety – and the returns could be priceless.