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5 Causes & Risks of Commercial Fire Damage

Preventing Fires Is Pivotal for a Viable Business Environment

Fire damage is one of the most devastating disasters impacting commercial buildings and business operations. It can destroy property, interrupt daily functions, and put lives at risk. That's why preventing fires and preparing for them is essential for any commercial establishment. To proactively reduce the likelihood of a fire, it is wise to remain vigilant of the various scenarios that can increase the possibility of a fire incident.

Today, ServiceMaster Apple Valley will discuss common commercial fire scenarios and how to minimize their risks.

1. Electrical Fires

The modern world runs on electronics. As a result, electrical fires are one of the most common causes of commercial fires. Overloaded circuits, frayed wires, and other electrical malfunctions can cause fires. To ensure the safety of your commercial building, have a licensed electrician examine your electrical system regularly. Furthermore, discourage employees from using space heaters or other electrical devices in an unsafe manner and unplug all non-essential equipment before leaving at night.

2. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes can cause significant damage to commercial property, resulting in fire. To prevent natural disaster fires, ensure your building follows appropriate building codes and standards, have a safety plan for your employees and customers, and consider having a backup power system.

3. Cooking Equipment Fires

Commercial kitchens are often the site of cooking equipment fires, which can cause significant property damage and even harm employees. To minimize the risk of a cooking equipment fire, ensure that your kitchen is equipped with a fire suppression system and your staff is trained to use it. Always keep flammable materials away from heat sources, clean grease buildup regularly, and replace faulty or old cooking equipment.

4. Smoking‐Related Fires

Smoking-related fires are still one of the leading causes of commercial fires. You are responsible for creating a smoke-free workplace and enforcing smoking policies as an employer. Post 'no smoking' signs as a reminder, designate smoking areas outside the building and ensure that employees properly extinguish all cigarettes before leaving.

5. Arson

Unintentional causes make up most fire incidents, but arson is a real possibility for commercial property. While preventing someone with criminal intent from starting a fire is difficult, several preventive measures can mitigate the risk. Install security cameras, implement access controls, and keep combustible materials away from windows or other vulnerable entry points.

Fire Preparedness and Training Is Always Wise

Commercial fire damage scenarios can be minimized or even avoided by taking a few simple steps. Regular fire safety and prevention training is crucial in creating a culture of caution and preparedness in your business environment. Don't neglect the daily maintenance of your commercial property, as neglect can be the reason for a massive catastrophe. Ensure your building, equipment, safety systems, and procedures are up to code and effective, especially concerning local fire codes.

Fire incidents can also be prevented by:

  • Implementing fire suppression systems
  • Performing regular inspections
  • Safeguarding appliances from water hazards
  • Training employees on fire avoidance policies

It's essential to take these measures seriously to protect the lives of employees, guests, and valuable property.

Local Fire Restoration Experts

At ServiceMaster Apple Valley, we are experts in fire damage repairs. In the unfortunate event of a fire on your property, seek immediate assistance from our dependable and prompt fire damage repair services.

Our commercial fire restoration services encompass the following:

  • Eradication of smoke odors and residue from walls, ceilings, and other sturdy structures within the premises
  • Repairing damages caused by firefighting efforts
  • Cleaning and restoring contents
  • Recovering documents and data
  • Structural cleaning and removal of items or materials that cannot be salvaged
  • Contents cleaning with exceptional care

Our restoration specialists have assisted business owners in rebuilding their establishments after a disaster for over six decades. We comprehend the stress and trauma associated with such events and pledge our unwavering support throughout the entire restoration process.

Have you recently endured a fire? Call (860) 850-2772 for expert fire restoration services today!