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Fire Damage Restoration Middletown

Trusted Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Company

Fire damage to your property is overwhelming but we’re here to help 24/7/365. Our crews are on standby and our trucks are loaded and ready to go – give us a call now and we’ll be on site ASAP to provide board-up or tarp-up services to prevent further damage.

We’ve been to thousands of homes just like yours in the aftermath of a fire and understand just how stressful it can be. That’s why we make the restoration process as fast and stress-free as possible.

Call(845) 286-4406 today orcontact us online for fire & smoke damage restoration services in Middletown.


At ServiceMaster by Calco Clean, we recognize the urgency of restoration needs in Middletown. Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to promptly respond to any emergencies. Whether you're dealing with fire damage, water damage, or mold remediation,our skilled technicians are prepared to provide swift and efficient restoration services, ensuring your property is restored to its pre-loss condition without delay.

When you entrust us with your restoration project, you can expect:

  • Immediate response times to prevent further damage and safeguard your property.
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the damage by our expert technicians, leading to a detailed restoration plan tailored to your needs.
  • Professional restoration services executed with precision, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment for optimal results.
  • Transparent communication throughout the restoration process, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.
  • Our commitment to timely and efficient project completion, enabling you to quickly resume your normal routine while ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

Don't wait for disasters to escalate – contact our team for prompt and effective restoration services tailored to your property's specific needs.


Our Fire Damage Restoration Process:

  • Inspection & Assessment

    We are not making you wait when a disaster strikes and your life is in chaos. We will be on site within the next few hours to assess the damage and put our plan together.

  • Emergency Board Up

    We will board-up and tarp any compromised areas including windows, walls, doors or your roof to prevent further damage to your home.

  • Structural Drying

    We dry the areas that are wet from the fire extinguishing process with our special equipment, preventing mold growth or water issues.

  • Content Pack-Out

    Rest assured that your household belongings are handled carefully until they can be returned.

  • Removal & Cleanup

    Fire damaged materials and surfaces are removed or cleaned as necessary.

  • Smoke Odor Removal

    Odor from smoke and fire damage can ruin your belongings. Over the course of a few treatments, we remove the odors from your home with our professional equipment.

  • Restore

    We provide complete reconstruction services if your situation requires repairs, returning your home to its previous condition or better.

If your home has suffered from fire & smoke damage, turn to our restoration experts!Contact us online or call(845) 286-4406 today.

Repair and Reconstruction After a Fire

ServiceMaster by Calco Clean is a full service construction company able to rebuild any areas of your home that can not effectively be restored. Structural repairs are often necessary after a fire and you need a team of experts that will care for your property as if it were their own.

Content Inventory, Pack-out and Storage

After a fire damages your home and your valuable items are at risk, we have a content pack-out procedure that will help you keep your possessions safe. Most of the time, your contents are restored on site, but if your home was damaged extensively, we take your belongings off-site for proper restoration.

Our crews are trained in inventory management and packing. They know how to handle, clean and store your cherished possessions to provide you with peace of mind throughout the restoration process.

Our Pack-out and Restoration Process:

  • Inventory and careful packing of your items.
  • Transport to climate-controlled storage.
  • Provide you a list of inventoried items.
  • Restoration of items. Includes cleaning and deodorization.
  • We track and document your items throughout the process.
  • You are provided easy access to your belongings if needed.
  • Return your items to your home.

We’re available 24/7 to help when disaster strikes. Call(845) 286-4406 orcontact us online for fire & smoke restoration services.

Smoke Damage

The structural damage from the fire itself is only half the battle. The other half is smoke damage. The smoke from a house fire permeates throughout the entire building. When combined with humidity, the smoke can form corrosive residues. This causes a lot of damage to surfaces inside your home that weren’t even in contact with the fire itself.

Soot Removal

The damaging effects of soot can quickly become permanent if not taken care of. Soot is made of up tiny particles of material that were burned in the fire and are carried throughout your building during a fire.

Types of Soot:

Dry Soot

This is a very fine soot that is usually caused by a very high temperature and fast burning fire. Fast and hot burning materials like wood and paper emit this dry soot. Easier to clean on smooth surfaces but can present a real challenge on porous materials.

Wet Soot

Soot from a slower burning, lower heat fire. Having a higher moisture content, this soot has a much stronger odor and is very difficult to remove. Plastic materials and oils usually create this type of soot when burned.

Oil Based Soot

This type of soot comes from puff backs from your heating oil furnace. It’s oily nature makes it hard to clean.

Protein Soot

Protein soot is actually light in color. This comes from food or other organic materials, usually in a kitchen fire. It can discolor paint but is difficult to see on its own.

Looking for expert fire & smoke restoration services near you? We’ve got you covered! Reach out to our teamonline or call(845) 286-4406.

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