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Commercial Restoration Services

Every minute counts when a disaster occurs at your business – Your revenue, property, employees, customers, inventory and reputation are at risk.

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Professionals you know and trust to protect your business

Property is one of the largest assets of a business, when your commercial property is affected by fire, flood, mold, or other disasters, the risk of lost revenues and customer retainage increases, creating not only hardships for the business but for your valued employees and customers. You need the assurance of reliable professionals, to restore business operations as quickly as possible. Known for reliability, trustworthiness, and dependable, our highly trained staff is ready to serve. We prioritize inspection of your property to determine fire, smoke, or water damage; storm, flood, or wind damage; mold damage or structural damage. To ensure professional removal of debris and contaminated water, as well as repair and reconstruct structural damage, we utilize the most advance construction and disaster cleanup equipment.

Our experts specialize in disaster response, providing our clients with a one-stop solution for inspection, planning, restoration, and reconstruction. Regardless of the scope of the repairs and restoration services your business requires, our mission is to ensure your business operations are up and running quickly. Since our mission is your business, we offer 24/7 response, 365 days a year. Our team of experts has successfully supported the repair and restoration from a wide variety of disasters that threatened businesses for decades. We deliver professionalism and expertise to every situation and pride ourselves in making your business look the same.

Business Continuity Planning – Loss mitigation

Our experience and expertise qualify us to help mitigate potential loss with developing a thorough Business Continuity Plan. This plan includes developing policies and processes for prevention and recovery strategies, which equips your business with the tools and resources to respond in the event of a disaster, instead of reacting to chaos.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Restoration expedition
  • Disseminate information and training to continue business seamlessly
  • Establish remote work policies and procedures
  • Minimize revenue loss and financial risk
  • Avoid business closure due to failure to plan

A solid Business Continuity Plan establishes how to operate while your technology, building, and resources are fully restored to pre-loss conditions.

Restoring Water Damage

Following a fire, broken plumbing, leaking roof, flood, or countless other water-related events, the process of preventing further damage and repairing existing damage is known as water mitigation. Responsiveness and speed are the key to water mitigation. Our team of professionals at ServiceMaster Restore By Calco Clean are prepared to act swiftly to stop further damage and expedite repair and restoration of existing damage.

Secure Site

In times of emergency, it’s as equally as important to secure the damaged location as it is to repair and restore it.

Containment and Decontamination of Grey and Black Water Backup/Flooding

Sewage failures and flooding expose the property to not only moisture but also dangerous biohazards. Proper remediation of the grey and black water damage is crucial to successful repair and restoration. Our expert technicians are trained in proper handling, disposal, and decontamination of the damaged areas.

Leaks, Structural, and System Failures

Roof and structural damage during storms, compromises the internal structure if not dealt with quickly and properly. If neglected or delayed, the porous materials of the structure will be at risk of compromised integrity, with the additional potential for mold formation. We offer tarping and securing of damaged areas, along with expedited inspection and emergency response to the moisture.


Sometimes, water damage is due to rising floodwaters that are hard to control. Where possible, our team will work to reduce the damage as it’s occurring. Our experts will swiftly respond to flood damage to remove excess water, dry affected areas, and ensure no mold spores form and spread.

Appliance Failures

Aging appliances, improper connections, and hoses that rupture due to condition, put commercial properties at risk because they damage can go unnoticed and untreated for extended periods of time.

Carpet & Fabric Moisture

Regardless of type or source of water, moisture damage in fabric such as carpet and upholstery. Our response technicians are trained to identify, respond, and mitigate water damage in fabric as quickly as possible.

Damage from Fire Extinguishment

During a fire, extinguishment can mean water damage from either automatic fire sprinkler systems or direct water from a firefighter’s hose action. The possibility also exists that the fire suppression system in the building could fail or malfunction causing unnecessary release of water. In these situations, responsiveness is crucial to the recovery of fixtures, furniture, and business assets. Our team of professionals is trained to deliver this kind of responsive action.

Drying, Dehumidification, and Decontaminating

Visible and pooling water is not the only source of destruction and contamination. Moisture in walls, ceiling, insulation, furniture, under flooring, in your mechanical systems and vents can go undetected with improper training, creating decay, deterioration, and mold formation. Additionally, the damage of moisture on paper-based items can be devastating to a business as well. Without even coming in direct contact with the source of moisture, humidity can be destructive. We provide trained staff to property detect, identify affected areas, and mitigate damage.

Repairing Fire and Smoke Damage

As business owners, operators, and staff, we understand the feelings of uncertainty and loss that accompany loss through fire. Having a clear plan established before you need it and the support necessary after you do. Heat, even if flames were not involved, can damage, and destroy structures. Ash, soot, and penetrated smoke can also destroy furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). Discoloration, layers of debris, etching of glass, and tarnished metals are all part of fire and smoke damage. We specialize in evaluating, salvaging, storing, removing, collecting, and securing contents for restored business function. Many people don’t realize that the residue left behind in a fire can be a health hazard, requiring appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) and appropriate cleaning agents, created to work with the chemicals found in the aftermath of a fire.

Mold Removal and Restoration

Unlike flooding and water saturation, mold damage is often a hidden problem and goes undetected. Mold can form from condensation, leaks in the structure, storm damage, and a myriad of other ways. Mold spores spread and grow and spread where it is undetected and untreated. Musty odors, discolorations in walls, ceilings, or flooring, or unusual health concerns, such as headaches, skin irritations, aggravated asthma, allergies, or breathing difficulties, can all be indicators of hidden mold issues. Our team will assess the damage, communicate our comprehensive remediation strategy customized to your needs, utilize innovative and advanced resources to ensure no gap in business continuance. We know how to identify, eliminate, and restore your office to a healthy environment.

Biohazard & Diseases Decontamination & Disinfection

Responsible businesses protect both their staff and their clientele. Whether that involves decontamination from disaster recovery or disinfecting and decontamination following infectious disease, like Covid-19. Our anti-microbial products protect surfaces for 90 days and will help protect against the spread of harmful germs, microbes, and bacteria. We are committed to staying informed and trained in emerging infectious diseases.

Storm Damage

Storms that leave behind damage most generally don’t provide enough lead time to adequately react and protect against damage. Severe thunderstorms, hail, microbursts, tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricane, strong winds, earthquakes, wildfires, and mass wasting (movement of rock, soil, or mud).

Full-Service Restoration

Restoration isn’t only limited to water, fire, and natural disaster. Other unique service needs, and restoration needs affect business every day. Vandalism, biohazards, air duct cleaning, pack out and content management, data and electronic restoration, regular and periodic floor care, tarping and boarding, post-loss recovery, … we are ready for any kind of response, 24/7/365. Your business is our business, and we stand ready for anything you may face.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction, supported, and approved by over 65 years of expertise with a national franchise system. Regardless of the disaster, or the need for repair and restoration, ServiceMaster Restore By Calco Clean is available 24/7 to respond to your needs, day, or night.

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