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The Process after a Water Damage

Water damage such as floods, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, storms, sewage backup and appliance malfunction can all cause unexpected destruction in your home or place of business.
Regardless of how water intrudes, the important part is taking action quickly to avoid further damages. This is why we say “don’t wait to mitigate”. The process could be inconvenient and stressful but by hiring a professional company like ServiceMaster by TA Russell to respond immediately to both commercial and residential property needs, then all imperative aspects will be properly addressed.
Our team will use following steps:
1st – Inspection and Assessment
Scope out the extent of damages, point out safety precautions and address your concerns.
2nd – Water Extraction
Extract standing water from carpets and flooring (if needed).
3rd – Anti-Microbial Application
Anti-Microbial products minimize the presence of bacteria, mold and fungi.
4th – Air Movement
Circulation airflow moves wet air to our dehumidification systems, allowing us to manage RH and water vapor in the air.
5th – Dehumidifying
Dehumidifiers can help remove moisture from the air, which indirectly removes it from the walls as well.
6th – Monitoring
Our certified water technicians will be monitoring the home or building regularly.