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Celebrating Mother’s Day with ServiceMaster DCS

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially those who work for ServiceMaster Clean! May your day be filled with love.

Honoring Moms and Their Well-Deserved Break

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the incredible women who tirelessly juggle multiple roles—cook, cleaner, chauffeur, and social director—all while keeping their households running smoothly. As a token of appreciation, moms typically receive just one day off a year: Mother’s Day. But what if we could extend that well-deserved break beyond a single day?

The Housework Vacation

In a 2000 national survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, 82 percent of moms expressed their desire for the housework vacation they enjoy on Mother’s Day to happen more often. Imagine a world where moms could take a break from daily chores, allowing them to recharge, relax, and spend quality time with their loved ones.

ServiceMaster Clean DCS: A Helping Hand for Moms

ServiceMaster Clean DCS, a well-known and respected company, understands the importance of supporting moms. Whether it’s a busy mom managing a household or a multi-generation mother-daughter duo running a successful business together, ServiceMaster Clean DCS steps in to make life easier.

Give Mom a Cleaning Service for Mother’s Day

  • ServiceMaster offers a range of cleaning services that can be the perfect gift for Mom:
    • Carpet and upholstery cleaning!
    • Window washing
    • Hard surface floor cleaning
    • Bathroom sanitization
    • Wall and baseboard washing
  • If your mother lives in the Cook County, Illinois, or Racine County of Wisconsin, ServiceMaster Clean DCS is your trusted local partner. .

A Grateful Salute to Moms

This Mother’s Day let’s salute all the moms out there—the unsung heroes who keep our homes warm, our hearts full, and our lives brighter. And to ServiceMaster, thank you for being a helping hand, making sure moms get the break they deserve.

Remember, every day can be a mini Mother’s Day when we appreciate and support the incredible women who make our lives better.