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How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tile

Homes are popularly finished with ceramic tiles for their attractive look and easy-cleanup. Of all the flooring and wall options homeowners have, such as stone, marble, granite, porcelain or glass, ceramic tiles offer significant advantages, especially when it comes to maintenance.

Ceramic tiles have a number of benefits.

The durability found in using ceramic tile in floors or walls makes them the ideal choice in homes with families and pets. Ceramic tiles are water-resistant, too, making them ideal for wet areas.

High-traffic areas usually feature ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic tiles are resistant to wear, unlike many other flooring options. If you’re worried about slipping on the floor, ceramic tiles will ease your fears. Ceramic tile flooring is practically slip resistant when finished with an abrasive glaze.

Sunlight beats down on flooring, and fading is a possibility. Ceramic tiles, however, do not fade. The initial coloring in the tiles will remain fresh for its entire lifespan.

What are ceramic tiles made from?

Given the numerous virtues of ceramic tiles, one may wonder what these hardy tiles are made from. The durable nature of ceramic tiles is due to a mix of sand, clay and natural products. Tiles are formed when the combined materials are shaped and fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles can then be glazed or remain free of glaze. Most homes, however, feature glazed tiles.

Discover no-hassle care methods for ceramic tiles.


Bathrooms, entryways, kitchen backsplashes and countertops often feature ceramic tiles. Proper care will ensure the ceramic tiles stay pristine.

Bathrooms, entryways, kitchen backsplashes and countertops often feature ceramic tiles. Proper care will ensure the ceramic tiles stay pristine.

Sweep or vacuum the ceramic tiles in a walkway to keep scratches from marking up the tiles. Protect the flooring with a rug or doormat. Encourage your family to wipe their feet on the mats both outside and inside to protect the ceramic tiles from dirt and grime.

Weekly washing of the ceramic tiles after sweeping is ideal. Use a simple combination of mild dish detergent and hot water to gently cleanse the ceramic tiles. Sponge mops are not advised, as they will push grime deep into the grout. Experts recommend using a strip mop head instead. When mopping, change any dirty water immediately, or the flooring will end up with a dull and grey appearance.

Completely air dry the freshly washed tiles or absorb any excess water with a clean towel. This important step prevents accidental slips on the wet floor.

Take care to wipe up messes on the ceramic tiles. Tracked mud or spilled juices should be immediately cleaned up with a damp cloth, mild dish detergent and warm water.

Grout is an integral component of ceramic tiling.

When your home features ceramic tiles, grout is present to bond the tiles together. It is equally as important to clean the grout as it is to upkeep the tiles.

Grout is a cement-based material that fills the spaces between the ceramic tiles. Due to the porous nature of grout, stains are inevitable. Grout should be properly maintained to stop stains in their tracks. It is important to seal the grout to prevent future discoloration.

Four types of grout are found in homes: unsanded and finely sanded grout, quarry-type grout and epoxy grout. Kitchen countertops and similar areas where staining is likely are best suited to have the ceramic tiles bonded with epoxy grout, which is highly stain resistant.

Maintain spotless grout with no-nonsense cleaning tips.

bathroom tile

Warm water and a stiff brush can effectively clean grout.

Bathroom grime, like soap, mold and mildew, may make cleaning grout in this location troublesome. However, applying elbow grease and well-chosen cleaning solutions make cleaning grout less of a burden.

Warm water and a stiff brush can effectively clean grout. Spray warm water along the grout and scrub with a circular motion to dislodge dirt particles.

Tougher stains can be removed with an application of vinegar and warm water. Simply spritz the stains with a mixture of half part water and half part vinegar, let stand for five minutes and then scrub the grime away.

If the packed dirt remains along the grout lines, create a paste with baking soda and water. Apply the paste along the grout, then spray with the vinegar mixture as noted above. The mixture will begin to foam. Once the foaming comes to a halt, scrub away the stains with a brush and clean water.

Hydrogen peroxide is an alternate household product that can be effectively used in place of the water when creating the baking soda paste. Or, simply apply only the hydrogen peroxide directly upon the stains to loosen them and ease cleaning.

Commercial cleaners, such as those containing bleach, can be sprayed upon the grout to rid them of stains. However, powerful chemicals like these tend to erode grout over the long term.

Experts recommend steam cleaners as another method to clear out the grime from grout. Homeowners will find steam cleaners to be environmentally friendly.

Weekly wipe downs with a spritz of vinegar and water will keep the grout in your home free from stains. Professionals even suggest regularly wiping the grout with alcohol to stop mold and mildew.

When your home’s ceramic tiles have accumulated massive amounts of dirt and grime, it’s time to call in a professional tile and grout cleaning service. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is one of northern Illinois’ and southern Wisconsin’s most trusted cleaning companies. Our technicians begin the cleaning process of your home’s ceramic tiles with stain pre-treatments using eco-friendly cleaning products. Advanced cleaning technology is used to thoroughly rid the dirt and grime from within the grout lines and along the ceramic tiles. All corners and baseboards are efficiently cleaned. Once all tile surfaces and grout lines are dried, we will then seal the grout to protect it from future mildew and dirt buildup.

Clean ceramic tiles and completely restore them with the help of our experts at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore. Dull, stained or dirty ceramic tiling and grout can sparkle like new once our technicians expertly tackle the unsightly mess!