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Negative Air

In many situations the process of disaster restoration or remodeling can create dust and seem to make a larger mess than what was originally there. But through using the technique of negative air pressure in conjunction with containment barriers the amount of dust created can be contained and minimized.

Our negative air system uses high-pressure ventilator air mover to either pull or push air from one area to another. We attach a duct tubing system to the air mover which is then placed in a window opening  to pull the air out of the building. We will open a window or door on the opposite end of the area we are working to create a strong draft to pull the dust out of the area we are in. This prevents the dust from traveling into the rest of the building.

If we are not working in the entire home or building we will place barriers to prevent contamination of dust, mold or other debris into other areas. We use a non-invasive tool called a tension post that uses springs to put pressure against the ceiling and with plastic attached creates a temporary wall where needed. The draft that is moving through the building will pull along any barriers that we put up and the small seems left between the posts and the wall will not allow any dust to go beyond the barrier.

This system not only works great when demolition needs to take place but when the reconstruction takes place. When drywall is installed or floors being sanded the fine dust creates a fine layer of dust everywhere and by using the barriers and the negative air it prevents the need for extra post construction cleanup.

When we come into a home or business we protect as many surfaces as possible to prevent them from getting damaged or dirty. We use our negative air system when it is needed. We will place down mats to protect carpet and fragile flooring surfaces and when we use our extraction unit we place protectors on corners to protect the walls from the hoses we use. We strive to impress you by doing things in a very professional and organized manner; this portion is only a part of what you can expect from us when we serve you.

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