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Water Damage Restoration in Neillsville, Black River Falls, and Tomah, WI areas.

ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County also provides flooded basement cleanup, sewage cleanup, and water removal services in Neillsville, Black River Falls, and Tomah, WI areas.

Water Damage Restoration and Flooded Basement

When water moves to areas of your home or office where it doesn't belong, it poses many potential hazards beyond what the eye can see. Water damage can penetrate many surfaces and travel farther than expected. We inspect every area that could have been affected to ensure that no moisture is overlooked. We also work closely with your insurance company to make things run smoothly.

Water not only affects the flooring where it sits, but it also seeps into the walls and travels to lower levels of a building. It also creates a hazard when it comes in contact with electrical items and duct work.

To prevent further damage to your belongings or your family, here are a few easy things you can do before we arrive. First, stay out of the affected areas if you suspect an electrical hazard may exist. Next, if there are wet contents on the floor, move them to a dry area that is not affected by water (plastic tables, garage floor, etc.) If you have furniture with wooden legs, place boards, tin foil, or plastic wrap on or under the legs to prevent them from absorbing more water.

Then, safely place a fan, directed at the wet area, to help circulate air and evaporate the remaining moisture. This will help prevent mold and bacteria growth before we even arrive. These suggestions are not intended to be a complete solution to your serious water damage problems. These are only temporary solutions to help prevent further damage before we arrive.

Once we arrive, we make sure the source of the water has been shut off or repaired. Then we assess the affected areas, photograph and document all findings for the insurance company. If there is still standing water or saturated carpet we use our heavy-duty, powerful truck-mounted extractors to remove the remaining water prior to removing any wet, damaged materials.

Sewage Cleanup

Regardless of where it came from, sewage is not a laughing matter and needs to be managed by trained professionals. Whether it came from a drain in the basement, a broken sewer pipe, or a backed up toilet, sewage cleanup requires special attention to insure safety and cleanliness. We use specialized equipment and protective gear to keep us safe while cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

After we arrive and assess the situation, we use truck-mounted extraction units to remove solids from the area. Items that can be cleaned and sanitized will be taken care of immediately. Property and items that have been affected that cannot be salvaged will be discarded. Most commonly, porous materials such as carpet, stuffed animals, and rugs need to be discarded because of their ability to absorb and retain harmful bacteria. Once we reach the bare floor it will be cleaned, sanitized, and dried to ensure an ideal setting for floor covering to be re-laid and contents to be moved back into the space.

To finish out the process, we thoroughly dry the affected area with air-movers and dehumidifiers to prevent further moisture damage, as well as mold and bacteria growth. This ensures a healthy, inhabitable environment for you and your family.

Our technicians will get your world back to normal. CallServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County for more information.