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Residential Roof Damage & Roof Leak Clean-Up Services

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If you have a roof leak in heavy rain, or a fallen branch creates a gaping hole, you need to get it fixed immediately. At ServiceMaster Restore®, we’re ready—24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year—to speed to your side and help get your home back to normal.

We are a residential restoration company that specializes in roof damage and water clean-up services. With over 65 years of experience, we have seen just about everything and are ready to assist you with any damages you have, whether they were sustained in a storm or as a result of age or other problems. Using advanced tools and techniques, we’ll provide a leaking roof repair solution promptly while maintaining the top-quality work we’ve become known for.

Common Roof Damage To Watch Out for In Your Home

There are several reasons why your roof can become damaged. No matter the reason, ServiceMaster Restore is always ready to assist you.

Roofs most often reach the point of catastrophic failure due to one or more of these situations:

  • Old roofs – When roofs are left in place beyond their useful life, leaks occur within the home, and the number and severity of these leaks will increase over time.
  • Saturated roofs – As a result of an aging roof, accumulated water isn’t dispensed properly and instead remains trapped under the roof, leading to saturated, ruined materials and potentially a roof leak.
  • High wind damage – During high winds and severe weather, your roof is susceptible to partial or entire removal.
  • Ice dam damage – When a layer of ice or snow builds up on your roof in sub-freezing temperatures, ice dams become a concern. The radiant heat from your home melts some of the snow and ice, allowing the resulting liquid water to run down your roof to the gutters in a normal fashion. However, once the water reaches the gutters away from the heat of the home, it can refreeze, build-up, and block additional meltwater. (Eventually, this can lead to leaking, shingle damage, water damage, and even structural damage.)

More Sources of Damage from Roof Problems

Shingle Failure

Shingles are the outermost barrier protecting the home from snow, rain, and the elements. But damaged or worn shingles can begin to let water in as they lose their integrity. A common source of water damage in attics can be traced down to roofs with old shingles that were not replaced in a timely manner.

Water Entry Around the Chimney

The chimney serves as a vent for smoke and gases from a fireplace or heating system. However, water can penetrate the intersection between the chimney and the roof if there's poor sealing and/or damage to the sealing or flashing at this meeting point. Sometimes, a chimney can pull away from a home slightly over time as well. Water entering through gaps in this space can cause damage to the roof structure, attic, ceilings, and walls, which can lead to costly repairs.

Issues with Roofing Vents

Just like the chimney, roof vents need to be properly sealed and equipped with effective flashing in order to prevent water entry into the home. During heavy rains and during snow melt, that danger of water entering around a vent increases. Ice dams near vents are a serious threat. Regular inspection of vents is an important part of keeping water out.

Another reason to be thoughtful about vent installation is how insufficient ventilation can lead to shingle problems. If a roof does not have good vents or enough ventilation in general, humidity and condensation can begin to damage the roofing structure in the attic. Lack of sufficient vents also increases the the odds of ice dam formation when pockets or warm or cold air cause uneven melting.

Damaged or Poorly Installed Flashing

We've already covered how important good flashing is for roof vents and chimneys. This is equally true in all the other places where flashing is needed like roof valleys and skylights. Leaks happen quickly when flashing begins to fail (or just isn't installed adequately to begin with). Keeping flashing in good shape is an excellent way to prevent long-term water damage to your home.

Attic Ventilation & Insulation

As we mentioned above, poor ventilation inside the attic will allow condensation to accumulate and lead to rot, mold, and mildew on the joists, rafters, and roof deck.

The other danger to watch out for in your attic is inadequate insulation. If too much heat escapes from the attic in cold weather, inconsistent temperatures can begin to form across the roof. If water melts in the middle of the roof and refreezes by the edge, an ice dam will form and water leakage will start to occur.

An Industry Leader In Roof Leaks, Structural Damage, & Water Damage Repair

When it comes to water damage services, ServiceMaster Restore is the go-to advisor in our field. Our customers have ranked us #1 among national providers and we are experts at what we do. We fully understand how much stress and anxiety you feel when your home has been damaged, especially if the damage disrupts your day to day life. We will be by your side every step of the way to provide roof repair and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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