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Preventing Laptop Fires

Laptop fires threaten public safety and cause hundreds of thou­sands of dollars’ worth of damage every year. In today’s mobile society, laptops are no longer just for students; they are every­where, with a high concen­tration in single family homes, multi-unit housing and academic insti­tu­tions. We use our computers for every­thing and have become comfortable working, reading, shopping or studying on sofas, beds and other soft furnishings. This can become a huge problem if computers are left running unat­tended. Taking a few simple precau­tions will save lives, property, time and money.

  • Turn off your computer and unplug the power cord when you leave your room or home.

  • Place your laptop on a hard surface away from combustible mate­rials. Do not leave it running on beds, couches or carpeting and keep it free of paper clutter.

  • Listen for the fan! A fan that contin­ually runs is a warning sign that your device may overheat. Keep vents and fans clear of anything that could block air flow. Clean the lint our regularly

  • Laptop coolers & noncombustible stands can help keep devices cool

  • Batteries can cause fires if damaged or faulty. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission regularly for recalls.

  • Damaged or frayed cords can spark and ignite fires; they must be unplugged and replaced immediately 

  • Keep a can of compressed air handy to clean lint and dust

  • Use UL approved surge protectors with computer equipment and never piggyback power cords