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Mold Damage Restoration Services in Aurora

Finding mold in your home can bring on a host of negative emotions, which is understandable. Mold is extremely destructive if left unaddressed and can result in health issues with long-term exposure. Fortunately, you won’t have to tackle mold without professional assistance.

ServiceMaster DSI has highly trained and licensed mold remediation technicians to tackle mold damage, so you don’t have to. We help you repair structural components, flooring, drywall, pipes, etc., severely affected by mold.

Many homeowners assume that eliminating moisture, humidity, and bacteria—the perfect environment for mold growth—will take care of the issue. However, eliminating one element won’t remove the mold because it’s a naturally occurring fungus and may already be in your home. When mold growth gets out of control, mold remediation support is needed.

Whether mold has invaded your ductwork, plumbing, or ceiling, we get rid of the stains, odors, and weakened material to fortify and disinfect your home.

How Can Mold Damage My Home?

While mold might look unsightly, it can wreak havoc on hard and soft surfaces and vital internal systems that keep your home operating efficiently. Mold spores can spread within 24 hours of landing on a surface and slowly eat away at it.

If you find mold, it may have invaded your:

  • Plumbing – Where there’s water or moisture, mold is likely present. Your plumbing is the perfect place for mold is grow inside pipes, especially if you have long-term pipe leaks. Aurora has pretty moderate temperatures in summer, but that doesn’t mean humidity behind walls won’t result in mold. If you suspect you have a pipe leak, contact a professional for help immediately.
  • HVAC – Mold spores can find their way inside your home via your HVAC system, circulating air throughout your home and releasing mold spores. When you notice musty smells coming from your vents, that may indicate that bacteria has infiltrated your system and caused mold to grow. Avoid further exposure by contacting our mold remediation professionals for assistance.
  • Insulation – Insulation helps regulate the temperature inside your home in tandem with your heating and cooling system. When mold is present in your insulation, it will eat away at the material causing insufficient operation, which can make your heating and cooling costs skyrocket.

Don’t let mold linger in your home or inside vital systems that help you live comfortably. Our Aurora mold damage specialists are ready to provide a thorough mold inspection and remediation services today.

ServiceMaster DSI Follows a Detailed Mold Removal Process

With our team partnering with you to remove mold, you get a thoroughly disinfected space because we adhere to a very stringent process. We locate the mold and its moisture source, utilizing industrial-grade equipment to cleanse the air and surfaces, and ensure we bring mold levels back to normal.

Call (720) 330-3963 today for competitively priced and comprehensive mold damage support.