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Commercial Specialty Services in Downers Grove

Comprehensive & Professional Restoration Services for Unique Property Damage

While you may think restoration services are only done in the event of a fire, storm, or other natural disasters, that’s only half of what we do.

At ServiceMaster DSI, we help local businesses and nearby commercial properties recover from all kinds of damage using the same industry-leading tools and trusted processes to recover businesses and homes of all sizes from disasters.

We’re Prepared to Help with Any Property Damage

A number of emergencies can arise for your business, all of which can cause unique levels of damage to your interior and exterior. If the damage isn’t repaired quickly, the safety and health of your employees and customers can be put at risk – as well as your business’s reputation!

Vandalism Recovery

Whether a window has been broken, a wall has been spray painted with graffiti, trash has been dumped on your property, or your business has been vandalized another way, our team will quickly remove damage and restore things to their pre-loss conditions! We can even board up now open areas to keep your property safe and secure during repairs.

Trauma & Biohazard

Whenever biohazards come up, you must seek help from a professional team you can trust. Our company arrives with the right protective gear, specialized equipment, and industry-recommended chemicals to quickly and carefully restore your property to a safe and healthy state.

Decontamination Services

Whether your business is recovering from a traumatic experience, sewage backup, mold, or any other dangerous property damage, ServiceMaster DSI can help. We utilize trusted decontamination tools, chemicals, and professionals to reset your environment.

Reconstruction Services

Reconstruction may be needed when a business is severely damaged, either by a large event or undetected damage. At ServiceMaster DSI, we’ll handle every aspect of the reconstruction project for your business, keeping you updated along the way.

Packout & Content Management

Regardless of the property damage, various items inside your business, including equipment, documents, business inventory, books, and more, will need to be packed out and restored. Our team will help with this entire process to ensure nothing gets lost in the process.

Non-Emergency Power Services

We routinely provide Downers Grove construction companies and businesses recovering from the damage the temporary power equipment needed for the job. Regardless of the phase of construction you’re in, give us a call. ServiceMaster DSI understands the pitfalls of the industry and how to help with a backlog of equipment.

Request Your Commercial Damage Restoration Services Today

No matter the commercial property damage, we’re confident that we’ll find you a solution you can be happy about. Be sure to reach out to our team today to request help – we’ll be there within minutes to perform a full damage assessment and create a restoration action plan for your business.

Dial(630) 949-3425 to schedule your service or learn more about the wide variety of cleaning and repair services our Downers Grove restoration company offers!