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Post-Construction Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

24 Hour Emergency Post-Construction Cleaning

Any amount of construction to your home or business is a lot of work and can take some time to complete. However, the job is not done when the construction work itself is finished. Dirt and debris may be left behind at the construction site, making the property unsafe for reentry. Hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service provider can help ensure your property transitions smoothly to safe conditions once again.

ServiceMaster EMT provides post-construction cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in the Los Angeles, CA area. Once the construction work for your home or business is complete, our technicians will make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for reentry.

Post-Construction Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Due to the use of heavy-duty construction equipment and materials, construction work often leaves a mess behind once the job is done. Unwanted paint splatter may be left on surfaces. Debris, such as dirt, dust, and leftover materials, might be spread around the construction site. Dust that enters the ventilation system can cause damage and lead to health concerns. Cleaning a construction site can be dangerous. It is safer for a professional service to properly clean the area.

ServiceMaster EMT is prepared to thoroughly clean your property following the completion of construction work and help smooth the transition for re-entry. From our post-construction cleaning services, the following may be included: spot-cleaning for indoor glass and walls, cleaning paint overspray, treating carpets, mopping the floors, and cleaning restroom and light fixtures. Our services follow all local codes and insurance requirements accordingly.

Cleaning After Construction

Cleaning up a site post-construction can be challenging. If done improperly, then the property may pose a greater threat to the health and safety of its occupants. By choosing ServiceMaster EMT for your post-construction cleaning service needs, your satisfaction will be ensured, working with you to create a detailed customized service plan.

Upon receiving your call, a field supervisor will be appointed and work with you throughout the entire process, as well as work around your schedule while managing the project. You will be kept up-to-date on the progress of the clean-up process.

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To obtain an estimate for post-construction cleaning services on your home or business in the Los Angeles, CA area, call ServiceMaster EMT at (562) 306-0577.