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Posts from 2022

  • What Should I Do If Water Gets into an Electrical Outlet? The combination of water and electricity is dangerous, as it can lead to electrocution. While this fact is no shocking surprise, homeowners must be especially careful when handling electrical outlets that have been exposed to moisture. Here’s how to handle wet electrical ... Continue Reading
  • 8 Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Water damage can be stealthy. The slow degradation of structural materials is likely when water damage persists over long periods of time. A property owner who notices any of the following eight signs of water damage is advised to react quickly to repair the destruction. ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Electrical Fires? The US Fire Administration reports that approximately 24,000 electrical fires occur annually. Of all the residential fires, electrical fires account for 6.3 percent of them. Preventing an electrical fire requires the knowledge of how it originates as well as taking steps to ... Continue Reading
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